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Day 4 – Nano Poblano: Invasion of the Teeth Eating, Six-Legged Creatures!


My pumpkin had pointy teeth.



Then the ants came. It’s the same every year; the infestation begins the moment the pumpkin goes outside. I know, I know there are ways to prevent this: I just wait until the last minute to put them out.

What really amuses me is the large chunks of skin the ants manage to throw out. You can see them on the step… and if you look really close you can see all the ants. Most of them were sleeping. Pumpkin must be to an ant like turkey is to a human.

So I propose the name of a new band. Who needs the Smashing Pumpkins when you can watch the Slowly-Being-Eaten Rotting Infested Jack-O-Lanterns?


Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

27 thoughts on “Day 4 – Nano Poblano: Invasion of the Teeth Eating, Six-Legged Creatures!

  1. That name just made me laugh!


  2. Our pumpkin got really soft and moldy really quickly this year. First Halloween in Seattle, so I’m not sure if it was the pumpkin or the humidity but kind of a bummer!!!


  3. Ha, that is amusing! And I like that band name. πŸ™‚


  4. I’ve not seen a Jack-O-Lantern in person, but found this hilarious. We get ant infestations every summer here. Who knew they loved pumpkins? These uninvited guests love to run about the walls and hide in the toilet at night. We’ve tried all the non-toxic ways to say excuse me but would you mind living somewhere else. We put stinky Eucalyptus oil about the place and other natural see-you-later suggestions. But ants don’t know about home ownership. They live where they please. Thanks for putting a smile on my face. πŸ™‚


    • Happily my pumpkins and my ants are all outside. I’ve been plagued with a few different kinds of insects in my house… currently it’s fruit flies but the worst were the pantry moths that already lived here when we took up residence. They did NOT leave easily.
      Glad to give you a smile. πŸ™‚

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  5. My pumpkins got destroyed by ants this year to, but when they were on our wooden porch last year I never saw one ant, this year on our new concrete steps they were all over the insides.


  6. Or for short, Ants Eat Rotten Gourds. That’s gross, Linda G. 😦


  7. That explains my recent ant manifestation


  8. Must be unique to Canadian ants. I don’t recall having my pumpkins destroyed by ants where I lived when last I carved a pumpkin and placed it outside on the porch or on the stoop. But then again, it’s been years (when my kids were still kids) since I last carved a pumpkin, so maybe a new form of mutant ants has evolved and they are particularly drawn to pumpkin teeth.


  9. I did not know that ants liked pumpkin. It is healthier than sugar. I can hear the ant mother, “Eat your pumpkin, dear.”

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