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#JusJoJan the 9th and 10th – Unicorns of Chocolate

I need chocolate that tastes as good as real chocolate but that has no calories.

So not real.

Like a unicorn isn’t real.

Or is it?


I shall travel far and wide to find no-calorie chocolate!

Like hunting a unicorn, not to shoot it with an arrow, but to lick it.

Wait …

Do I really want to lick a unicorn?

Would it be tasty?

Maybe its poop would be made of no-calorie chocolate.

Like Moose Droppings.

(Only they have calories.)

(No, seriously. Click the link. They have calories.)

Or maybe I’ll just stay home and stick a horn on the dog and get fat on Turtles.

(Turtles are real. And they have calories.)


This stream of consciousness doubled-up post is brought to you by Just Jot it January and Astrid with “unicorn” (check out Astrid’s post here) and Ritu with “chocolate” (check out Ritu’s post here). Thank you so much for the prompts, ladies!


One-Liner Wednesday – Analogue or Digital?

“Analog chocolate beats digital chocolate any day. But can I have my analog chocolate with digital calories?”

According to the “contest” on this post I have declared a winner for the answer that most tickled my funnybone. It comes to you from the lovely jetgirlcos of Forty and Fantastique!

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5/16 – Yesterday’s News – Labels


According to an article in yesterday’s newspaper, the government of Ontario’s health ministry will be taking the warning labels on food products a step further. They are proposing legislation that will require major fast food chains to advertise, right on their menus, the calorie count and other pertinent information (fat content?) of the food they are serving. It will be right up there with the price, so we can see exactly what we’re doing to our bodies – at least those of us who understand the ramifications of ingesting 1,000+ calories in one sitting. For those who don’t, I suppose it’s not going to make a difference.

Is this information for the benefit of those who haven’t seen the movie “Supersize Me“?  Or for those who didn’t realize when they watched it how, much like “Titanic,” predictable the ending would be?

I’m not saying I’m above anyone who ignores the obvious health risk of eating at fast food restaurants – I enjoy a Big Mac as much as the next guy. What gets me is that the government feels the need to plaster the fact in our faces each time we visit one of these chains.  How much faith must they have in us to think we’re too stupid to realize what we’re doing to ourselves? The reason they’re planning this is to be proactive, and reduce the need for health care because as a society, we tend to be overweight… in essence they’re trying to save us from ourselves and in the same breath, admit that they are failing to educate us in the first place.

Part of me leans toward what it says in the picture, and the other part of me wishes the government would be even more proactive in the first place. By finding a better way to teach our kids to care about themselves and their future families while they’re still in school, maybe our society can learn what moderation means.

What do you think?

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