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Just Jot It Jan 27 – Incomplete


The word “incomplete” has been running around in my head all day. Somewhere at the back, where it hasn’t been in the way much. I’ve been trying to figure out what, in my life, is complete. The final conclusion is nothing. But why?

Well, if I really think about it (in the front of my head), if something is complete, I usually set it aside. And sometimes I forget it. This is a good thing, of course, if the complete thing is not a thing I wanted to keep anyway. So what of the things I do wish to hold onto?

I wouldn’t want a relationship to be complete, because what would be the challenge after that? Things that aren’t challenging become boring. Take games, for example. An unchallenging game, like playing Crazy Eights against myself, would quickly turn into a game of 52-card pickup. For me at least. That’s why they invented Solitaire. I’m convinced of it.

And even worse, who would want someone else to complete them? Oh yeah, the end of Jerry Maguire is romantic and all. But just imagine it. Being completed. You wouldn’t need to get up in the morning.

“Honey, breakfast is on the table!”

“Not coming down today, Sweetheart.”

“But, I made pancakes! And coffee!”

“Nope! I’m done. You did me!”

That would be awful! I’m so glad I’m incomplete.


Many thanks go to Cyn for our prompt today, “incomplete.” You can check out her latest post here: Go say hi!

And Just Jot It January is still a fun challenge, even if the month is almost complete. Why? ‘Coz you can join in any time! Click here for details and to read all the awesome posts:

Author: LindaGHill

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8 thoughts on “Just Jot It Jan 27 – Incomplete

  1. yes well I think you are on to something there ❤


  2. My first thought was, well you sure wouldn’t want your life to be complete. Because that would mean it’s over, which of course, would mean no longer among the living. In that sense, incomplete is much better.


  3. It was a great line. It was short and simple and conveyed the context of need and complement. It was not even close to apt, though. The idea that anyone could complete another person implies that people are not whole as they are. I want lots of people in my life, lots of people who give me parts of themselves. I wouldn’t call them decorations, though, you know?!? “Linda, you decorate me with your wit!” No.
    There’s no magic number, no qualifying relationship title, a stranger can share a word or a smile with me, but we’re all whole as we are.
    Sometimes great movie lines need to stay that way.


  4. It’s definitely a growth mindset way to think Linda! Never complete, never perfect, never the best. Always striving to go that one step further!

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  5. ‘Incomplete’ definitely leaves room for ‘expansion’ – growth, development. I can’t say I feel like I have ‘completed’ very much in my life at all. A jigsaw or 3, maybe.

    When it comes to relationships, although some have ended, I wouldn’t call the journey itself ‘complete’ because I still carry bits (good & bad) into future relationships.

    Great reflective post.

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