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#SoCS – Moments in Arms


It didn’t start until I got to the point (or my kids did, rather) that they didn’t need to be held anymore. When my babies were babies, I have to admit I enjoyed being able to put them down. I couldn’t get anything done–they wanted to be held all the time. But then …

As they started to become independent, I cherished those moments when they’d let me hold them. When they were getting bigger–big enough that I knew they’d soon be too big to hold or cuddle in my lap. Or held in my arms.

Time doesn’t stop. Growth happens, and nothing waits until we’re ready to have it happen to us. It’s a skill, I think, to appreciate what we have while we have it. It takes practice to enjoy the moment. To be aware of where we are at any given moment. Because we’re always looking forward or backward. Gotta do this or that, and God, how I regret doing that, or I wish I could go back …

Now, when I have the opportunity to hold my children–two of whom are adults–though those moments are brief, I find myself looking back to when they were small.

I need to take my own advice.

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9 thoughts on “#SoCS – Moments in Arms

  1. You are so right Linda blink and it is gone!


  2. Very true. I remember my grandmother telling my mother she should hold me every time I try, because one day I’d stop. I hear my grandmother when Moo tries to climb into my lap twelve times a day, but I love to hold her about five times a day. Sassy, usually just once or twice a day. The boy never tries, lol, but he does lean down for the hugs, and I accept greedily! 😀
    I like the direction you took your prompt. Is nice.


  3. I am so guilty of always looking forward or back and forgetting to enjoy the moment now! Great reminder, Linda 🙂 💖💖


  4. Precious memories. I see updates from our daughter on Goodreads, and I remember reading to her as a small child.


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  6. If there is any blessing that comes from losing three of the most important people in your life in a span of seven years before you turn 23, it is that you rarely ever take moments for granted. You learn to drink them in and savor them, memorize them.


  7. True! This is life a collection of precious moments and we really need to appreciate and enjoy them. Thanks for sharing.
    This is a great post.
    Wishing you all the best,


  8. So true: how do we learn to be content in the moment rather than perpetually looking forward or back?


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