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81. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, November 20th, 3:35pm
Sylvester and Harry


Harry: I can’t believe the bus was half an hour late.

Sylvester: I know.

Harry: So, you going out on the prowl tonight?

Sylvester: Thinking about it. Wanna come?

Harry: Nah, chicks aren’t my thing these days.

Sylvester: (regarding him closely) I thought you were over Ththally.

Harry: (wipes spit out of his eye) Sally and I weren’t really together in the first place. We met, she got weird in a restaurant, then you know, we just went our separate ways. What’s it to you anyway?

Sylvester: You don’t have to get all catty…

Harry: No, that’s your job.

They sit quietly, both thinking for a moment.

Sylvester: Do you ever wonder if you’re jutht in the wrong plathe thometimeth?

Harry: (pats him) There there…

Sylvester: (mumbles) Thuffering Thuccotash


Next stop: Tuesday, November 21st, 6:00pm

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