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86. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, November 25th, 6:00pm
Herbert (and Georgette)


Herbert sits at the window. Georgette takes the seat beside him.

Herbert: I saw you running for the bus.

Georgette: I almost missed it.

Herbert: I’m glad you didn’t.

Georgette: Oh yes?

Herbert: You remind me of someone. Someone I loved a long time ago.

Georgette: That’s funny–I was going to say the same thing. You remind me of someone too.

Herbert: I’m Herbert. (holds out hand) What’s your name?

Georgette: (smiles and takes his hand) Georgette.

Herbert: Georgette. That’s a lovely name.

Georgette: Thank you.

Herbert: I’m getting off in a couple of stops. Can I buy you a coffee?

Georgette: Tea. I drink tea.

Herbert: I can buy tea.

Georgette: Then I’ll go with you.

Herbert: I’m so glad …



Next stop: Sunday, November 26th, 5:00pm

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