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80. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, November 19th, 1:00pm
Rachael (and Smiley)


Rachael sits by the window. Smiley takes the seat beside her.

Smiley: (smiling) Hey. Great day, eh?

Rachael smiles and turns away.

Smiley: Nice puppy you’ve got there, eh?

Rachael: (turns to him) What … are you talking about?

Smiley: (points to her lap) Your puppy.

Rachael: (looks down, turns up palms) I don’t have a puppy.

Smiley: What’s that then?

Rachael: I don’t have anything.

Smiley: (smiling) Pretend, eh?

Rachael: No. (turns away and looks out the window)

Smiley: You know, if you act like that, your puppy’s gonna bite you.

Rachael: (mumbles in the direction of the window) Maybe you should go away before it bites you.

Smiley: (chuckles) Now you’re talkin’!



Next stop: Monday, November 20th, 3:00pm

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