Life in progress



I’m supposed to be writing a post today.

But the truth is, I’ve run out of things to say.

My eyeballs are popping out of my head.

Or they would be if my eyelids weren’t made of lead.

I didn’t mean to write a rhyme

but today is running out of time.

So I guess this is what I’m stuck with.


Because nothing rhymes with “stuck with,” either.

I’m going to bed.

Before this lame post gets any lamer.

(And no, that’s not a passive/aggressive cry for validation. It’s lame. Say it’s lame. C’mon, altogether now …)

Good night. 😉

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

12 thoughts on “Right!

  1. Actually, there is something that rhymes with “stuck with”, but I wouldn’t want to … uh … mess with your delightful poem! And I think we should accept the challenge and invent multiple words that rhyme with “orange”. Ready? Annnnnnd…GO!

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  2. Now might be the time for that part of the poll: Go home, Linda, you’re drunk? Nah! Just kidding. It was refreshing. But I could feel the tired–or is that my own tired biting me?

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  3. If it’s lame then I like lame 😒. My thought bubble was:
    knock knock.
    Who’s there?
    orange 🍊
    orange 🍊 who? Orange you glad you’re not a banana 🍌😂

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  4. Nothing rhymes with orange.

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  5. For someone with “nothing to say”, you did pretty good, Linda. This little ditty made me laugh.

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  6. It was fun! And we’ve all been there . . .

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  7. Hee Hee. Which Apple tried to turn into a paid of ‘her’s. I hope you had a good night’s sleep.

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  8. LOL You sound punchy. More rest, please.

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  9. You made feeling exhausted …. somehow interesting to read about! Funny how that turned out! Go “sleepy time”! You’ll wake up refreshed and filled with new ideas!!! And if not, we’ll still be following you anyway…. lame or not! ❤️

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  10. I think you still did rather good Linda!

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  11. May I agree to disagree with the “lame” part?

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