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Über-Unkempt Upheaval


Ah, am I ever überunkempt. (See the cool accent-y things I put in there? I’m fancy with my words at least.)

Having Alex home from school does that to me. He was extra-demanding today. This is what I get for having a weekend off, apparently.

Can’t decide if it’s a man-cold or if he actually needs the hospital.

I’ll keep an eye on him.

It’s all caused more of an upheaval in my schedule.

My amazing timetable in which I do all the things on time is now untimely.



It’s a stricken schedule.

Strike that.

It’s just mush. Yes, it’s a mushy puddle of timetable.

An icky itinerary.

A gooey guide to my bedraggled bookings.

It’s unkempt! That’s what it is!

Yeah, I’ll get caught up. Coz that’s what I do.

Thank you to the three lovely ladies who gave me today’s words. You can find out who they are by clicking the links under “über,” “unkempt,” and “upheaval.”

I’ll need suggestions for “V” words for tomorrow’s less-than-above-board A-Z post. One word per person, please, and keep it clean. Note that the oldest comments are at the bottom.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

10 thoughts on “Über-Unkempt Upheaval

  1. I’m sad to know Alex is dowwwwn with the sick. Best wishes to you both.


  2. How about Vengeance, for the way his immune system will beat this cold. Hang in there Linda. Healing thoughts for Alex. Hugs.


  3. Bummer. I hate when schedules go awry. Sending good thoughts.


  4. I’m sorry that Alex is sick, even if it is a man-cold (I don’t know how to make the emoji for my expression of camaraderie and despair). I’m sorry for you. too.


  5. So sorry Alex is unwell, I do hope he does not need hospitalisation. No wander you are behind you have your hands full. It’s amazing that you get as much done as you do.
    I wanted to apologize for not join in with the Escapists Colouring Club this year but I have been so busy. ..that sounds pathetic ..proves my point that you are more capable than I would be in your shoes…. What size shoes do you take my feet are 3/4 …. Rambling now ..hugs 💜💜


  6. Oh Linda!!!

    And word suggestion…


  7. Thank you for the mention and link.

    V word veneer


  8. Sorry about Alex being sick again, Linda. I hope your Easter was good.


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