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Just Jot It January 31st – Clumsy

I admit to feeling clumsy in the way I go about organizing these prompts of mine. The pingbacks mixed in with the comments are haphazard and I can imagine they’re more difficult to find than they should be. So hopefully sometime within the next month I’ll have time to search for a better way of doing things. It would be awesome if I could set up my page like they do at the Daily Post – I like that idea better than having an offsite compilation with someone like Linky Tools or Mr. Linky. I have what is probably an irrational fear of leaving my email address on a site I don’t know. Anyway, I’ll start with the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt and go from there.

Speaking of clumsy, I’m also thinking about getting a real artist to design a new JusJoJan badge for next year. I’m starting to realize that maybe my mad Paint skillz aren’t up to snuff. And I’m getting tired of looking at the stick-figure blogger with a burning screen. If enough people insist, maybe I’ll give you all a choice when January 2017 rolls around to use the new one or keep the retro one.

Ha! Whoever thought I’d ever make it to “retro”? Not me.


The “Clumsy” prompt is brought to you by Judy at Edwina’s Episodes. Please head on over and have a read, and tell her I said hi!

JJJ 2016

To find the rules for Just Jot It January, click here and join in today. It’s never too late! And don’t forget to ping back your January 31st post here!

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New WordPress Ratings Widget…In case you didn’t know about it…

I don’t get it. Do you? Like I said on the original post, it’s like having spinach stuck in your teeth – nobody wants to talk about the appearance of it, but it’s staring you right in your comments.

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Many of you have noticed a strange interloper polldaddy link attached to WordPressers who leave comments on your posts.

This is a new Ratings Widget thingy from WordPress.

I do NOT understand a word they’ve written about it, but you can read about it at:


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Stepping Out

It’s a sad day for WordPress – one of our good friends is leaving us for more blissful pastures. Be sure to stop by and say so long to Glazed!


9 Things I Learned From Not Blogging Every Day

As a blogger who has gone from posting occasionally, to every day and then back to once in a while, I’ve found there are both advantages and disadvantages to both methods. Some of the good points only apply to the blog itself, but some are important factors for general well-being. Here is my list:

For the Blog

  1. Posting every day creates a momentum. I often got almost as many views from the post of the day before as I did the current one, thus doubling the number of views. When posting only occasionally, views plummet on days I don’t post.
  2. Time of day is important! Even though I posted every day for a year on my fiction blog, the number of views went down if I published after eight at night. It was the same deal if I posted too early. Followers get used to seeing you at the same time every day.
  3. It doesn’t matter how frequent posts are on a fiction blog – fiction gets fewer views. Period. My theory is that if people want to read fiction, they’ll usually pick up a book.
  4. Even if you take a break, people will come back. Especially people who really like what you write.


For Life in General

  1. Not posting every day means more exercise – just as well, my butt was getting square.
  2. Not blogging means more time for other projects, including ones that come with getting a square butt. Still a plus.
  3. Posting every day provides a constant means of interaction with other humans. I have to say, I don’t laugh nearly as much when I’m away from WordPress.
  4. Going back and forth from daily blogging to not gives a perspective of what’s important in life. Yes, obviously family is the most important thing, but for me as a writer, so is being able to write. Without a steady outlet of my thoughts onto the screen, I become more irritable – which is not necessarily a good thing for my family either. Therefore, my final point is,
  5. Balance is essential! I’m still working on finding mine.


My conclusion, as I’ve come to realize it, is that as much as I hear everyone say “real life” is more important than being online, it depends what I do with my online life, and equally what I do with my life offline. I think it’s okay to spend a healthy amount of time sitting at a keyboard if that time is productive and provides an outlet rather than an escape (though escape is important too). I’d like to start posting every day again: mostly what I’ve learned by not doing so, is that it’s okay to walk away. I guess that’s actually ten things, isn’t it. 😛

What do you think? Can you add to the list?


HarsH ReaLiTy Challenge!

Take the challenge!
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If you haven’t already met Wes, check out his blog. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his sense of humour is sure to put a smile on your face. And he only needs a few more followers to get him to 100!



Thank you all so much! I can not tell you how big of a smile that this has put on my face, I may just give the joker a run for his money. Every single person that takes the time to read, comment, like, or hitting that follow button you are so amazing. Thank you so much for everything!

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Just a quick note of thanks and an apology

First, I’d like to say thank you so much to everyone who participated in SoCS today. We’ve almost hit the record number of posts – two more and we’ll have beat the previous record of 21. I so appreciate everyone making this weekly event a success! You’re all awesome!!

My apology is to all of you who have posted today whose posts I haven’t read and to all of you who have left comments that I haven’t answered. My sight is incredibly blurry tonight, so I think I’ll close the computer and hope tomorrow is better.

Goodnight world, and pleasant dreams to all.


Thanks for the Great Turnout!

I just wanted to say thank you very much to all of you who made Stream of Consciousness Saturday this week the biggest ever! We had so many great posts from amazing bloggers, both regulars and new participants.

Just in case you missed some of the later blogs, here they are in the reverse order of when they posted:

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Each and every one of the above posts are wonderfully written, and entertaining – I highly recommend checking them out if you haven’t already.

Thanks so much again, and I sincerely hope to see you all back next week!


A to Z April Challenge 2014

Challenge yourself in April, and promote your blog – or join in on Rosie’s book promotion! I’m in, how about you?