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#JusJoJan 2018, the 2nd – Boisterous

I’ve never been boisterous. Such activity exhausts me, even watching it. Which doesn’t mean I’m not often on-the-go, but you won’t find me jumping around.

I purposely chose the calmest dog in the litter. This is him being boisterous beside me.

Lack of boisterousness, it seems to me, is taking on a new face in the world. I imagine at one point it meant walking slowly for miles to get to school (uphill both ways, of course), or steadily working on whatever needed to get done. In present times there is no need, often, to leave our homes to get the things we want. More people than in decades are working and learning at home–I was going to say more than in history, but it’s like somehow we’re going back to the same scenario when people were home-taught by their parents and worked the land. Only now we’re stationary, working and learning at home from long distances. Human interaction, like the old days when farmers rarely saw anyone outside their families, is slowly reverting to minimal, but for different reasons and by different means.

Wow. That took a rather un-boisterous philosophical turn, didn’t it? Something to think about.

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70. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Thursday, November 9th, 4:00pm
Betty and Karla


Betty: What do you want to do on your birthday.

Karla: (mumbling, looking at her cellphone) Whatever.

Betty: It’s coming up in two weeks. I know your dad wants to take you out for dinner.

Karla: (mumbling) Sure.

Betty: It’s important to him.

Karla: (mumbling) I know.

Betty: Would you please put that thing down and talk to me?

Karla: (snorts at something on the phone) Sure, just a sec.

Betty: Now!

Karla: Just wait.

Betty snatches the phone away.

Karla: What the fuck, Mom. I was reading something!

Betty: And I’m talking to you about your birthday!

Karla: Yeah whatever. I’ll go out for dinner. Now can you give me back my phone?

Betty: (hands the phone back) What about Saturday the 25th?

Karla: (mumbling, looking at her cellphone) Whatever.


Next stop: Friday, November 10th, 8:00pm

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Twitter is Bizarre

I just had some random, young buxom blond on Twitter put me on her “delicious” list. I swear to God, no one on Twitter has tasted me. That I know of.

I find it interesting when celebrities follow me. Most of the time, if I follow them back, they unfollow me. It’s how they get the high numbers. So I don’t follow them but I keep them on my radar to see how long they’ll hang on. So far I’ve had the group, Foreigner, Kim Mitchell, Taye Diggs (I think he follows everyone), Braxton Cosby (Bill’s nephew), and the woman who voices Siri, among others attach themselves to my feed. Oh, and Sigmund Freud, but I don’t think it was really him.

There are some seriously weird attention-graspers over on Twitter.


9 Things I Learned From Not Blogging Every Day

As a blogger who has gone from posting occasionally, to every day and then back to once in a while, I’ve found there are both advantages and disadvantages to both methods. Some of the good points only apply to the blog itself, but some are important factors for general well-being. Here is my list:

For the Blog

  1. Posting every day creates a momentum. I often got almost as many views from the post of the day before as I did the current one, thus doubling the number of views. When posting only occasionally, views plummet on days I don’t post.
  2. Time of day is important! Even though I posted every day for a year on my fiction blog, the number of views went down if I published after eight at night. It was the same deal if I posted too early. Followers get used to seeing you at the same time every day.
  3. It doesn’t matter how frequent posts are on a fiction blog – fiction gets fewer views. Period. My theory is that if people want to read fiction, they’ll usually pick up a book.
  4. Even if you take a break, people will come back. Especially people who really like what you write.


For Life in General

  1. Not posting every day means more exercise – just as well, my butt was getting square.
  2. Not blogging means more time for other projects, including ones that come with getting a square butt. Still a plus.
  3. Posting every day provides a constant means of interaction with other humans. I have to say, I don’t laugh nearly as much when I’m away from WordPress.
  4. Going back and forth from daily blogging to not gives a perspective of what’s important in life. Yes, obviously family is the most important thing, but for me as a writer, so is being able to write. Without a steady outlet of my thoughts onto the screen, I become more irritable – which is not necessarily a good thing for my family either. Therefore, my final point is,
  5. Balance is essential! I’m still working on finding mine.


My conclusion, as I’ve come to realize it, is that as much as I hear everyone say “real life” is more important than being online, it depends what I do with my online life, and equally what I do with my life offline. I think it’s okay to spend a healthy amount of time sitting at a keyboard if that time is productive and provides an outlet rather than an escape (though escape is important too). I’d like to start posting every day again: mostly what I’ve learned by not doing so, is that it’s okay to walk away. I guess that’s actually ten things, isn’t it. 😛

What do you think? Can you add to the list?



One-Liner Wednesday – The Superpower We Didn’t Know We Have

Heard on the radio:
“I always wanted to be able to read minds; then I got a Facebook account and found out it’s annoying.”


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