Life in progress


March Break 2019 – Day 5

Friday, March 15, 11:24pm

Were you worried?

It’s okay. I’m still alive.

The offspring posed many challenges today.

Least of them was his refusal to wear a coat.

Such is the life of a Canadian mother. Though I had to hand it to him: it was above freezing.

Meanwhile, the dog was under the weather.

Perhaps both of them were attempting to wring sympathy from me.

… or perhaps not.

Either way, I won.

I survived March Break 2019.

*does happy dance*


March Break 2019 – Day 4

Thursday, March 14, 7:13pm

The offspring is attempting to pry me away from the computer to do housework.

But he’ll only do it until I join in, and then he’ll stop.

He thinks he can get one over on me, but I’m smarter than him.

I’ll not be tricked!

One more day to go.


March Break 2019 – Day 3

Wednesday, March 13, 8:45pm

For once in his life, the offspring didn’t want photographic evidence of what he was up to.

Here he is, dodging the camera at the library.

Meanwhile, the dog is still up to no good.

I think the two of them may be planning a coup.

More tomorrow, if I’m still around.


March Break 2019 – Day 2

Tuesday, March 12, 8:00pm

The dog keeps stealing paper out of the recycling bin. When I call him over to drop it, he comes and drops it and I give him a treat.

At first it was cute.

Now I’m on to him.

Still holding down the fort.


March Break 2019 – Day 1

Monday, March 11, 2:30pm

The offspring is keeping himself busy.

So far, no unusual outbursts or requests to go out.

All is well.



I was going to write this post this afternoon but instead I took a three hour vacation nap. It was badly needed – that’s all I can say in my defense.

You may have noticed that I’ve kinda gone missing for the past week. And if you have, you might be wondering why. If so, you’re not alone. I’m wondering why too. My occupations of the past week have included but are not limited to having one of my kids home already on summer vacay (the other one’s last day was today), a weekend road trip to Montreal to see Rush in concert (they were awesome!), working on editing my novel (yes, still), watching Downton Abbey on Netflix (I’m so addicted, thanks Joey), and worrying about whether or not I’ve, somewhere down the road, (pun not intended) screwed up the numbering on my “Second Seat on the Right” series only to get to August 31st and find out that my year had more or less than 365 days. I mean seriously, how much would that suck?

All this to say I’m sorry for not reading a single One-Liner Wednesday (yet), neglecting my comments, and generally ignoring everyone on WordPress. If you’ve wondered why I haven’t visited your blog lately please don’t take it personally. At the moment you’re all on the continent and I’m set adrift at an overwhelming distance away. *waves*

Please send Big Macs via carrier pigeon. And if you do see me, I beg of you, don’t thumb your nose at me. I’ll be back, I promise.

P.S. Please look for the SoCS prompt tomorrow!