Life in progress


March Break 2019 – Day 5

Friday, March 15, 11:24pm

Were you worried?

It’s okay. I’m still alive.

The offspring posed many challenges today.

Least of them was his refusal to wear a coat.

Such is the life of a Canadian mother. Though I had to hand it to him: it was above freezing.

Meanwhile, the dog was under the weather.

Perhaps both of them were attempting to wring sympathy from me.

… or perhaps not.

Either way, I won.

I survived March Break 2019.

*does happy dance*


March Break 2019 – Day 4

Thursday, March 14, 7:13pm

The offspring is attempting to pry me away from the computer to do housework.

But he’ll only do it until I join in, and then he’ll stop.

He thinks he can get one over on me, but I’m smarter than him.

I’ll not be tricked!

One more day to go.


March Break 2019 – Day 3

Wednesday, March 13, 8:45pm

For once in his life, the offspring didn’t want photographic evidence of what he was up to.

Here he is, dodging the camera at the library.

Meanwhile, the dog is still up to no good.

I think the two of them may be planning a coup.

More tomorrow, if I’m still around.


March Break 2019 – Day 2

Tuesday, March 12, 8:00pm

The dog keeps stealing paper out of the recycling bin. When I call him over to drop it, he comes and drops it and I give him a treat.

At first it was cute.

Now I’m on to him.

Still holding down the fort.


March Break 2019 – Day 1

Monday, March 11, 2:30pm

The offspring is keeping himself busy.

So far, no unusual outbursts or requests to go out.

All is well.


One-Liner Wednesday – Report

Day Two of March Break has come to a successful conclusion: we are all still alive.

In other news, is it spring yet?

Asking for a friend.

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SoCS – At a Loss

I’m at a loss this week. I don’t know what to write. But hey, that’s why I leave the prompts so open – it’s easy to stay on topic when the topic is loose. I’ve complied with the terms of the prompt already. Four times.

I’m stuck in my novel, you see. It’s why I haven’t posted much in the last few days – concentration at this point is fierce. But that’s what I needed. Alex is with his dad for March break, so I only have the other two kids at home. For the most part they take care of themselves.

So what can I write about for SoCS this week? My eyes haven’t been given me any problems lately, thank goodness. (Touch wood.) (I really did touch wood.) And aye is such a strange word, isn’t it? I thought about adding “ai” to the prompt, which in Japanese is the root of the word “love.”

Love makes the world go ’round…


This post is part of SoCS: Join in today!

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions

Badge by: Doobster at Mindful Digressions


The Push

I sometimes wonder why I push myself so hard. My determination to write a post every day here on WordPress; my aspiration to finish my novel; my involvement in The Community Storyboard, HarsH ReaLiTy, and A Good Blog is Hard to Find; my ambition to read more, and write book reviews; my wish to help out friends by critiquing their unpublished works… the list itself is overwhelming. Most days I barely notice the work piling up. I love being busy with writing and the pursuits that involve it.

But, Spring Break. Yes, it’s that time of year again. While I’ve had much of today to do the things I needed to get done, I know it’s only a matter of time before Alex gets bored keeping himself busy. And just because the kids are home doesn’t mean the shopping doesn’t still need to be done – a task which requires me to leave my Autistic son by himself – and my paper route, and then there’s my mother’s appointments because I’m the only one who can take her… again, overwhelming.

I think everyone gets to this point occasionally. It’s the stage where we just have to start saying no, and not give in. While it’s exciting, and best of all not boring, there’s a limit at which one shuts down and curls up in a little ball with a straw and a bottle of one’s favourite Merlot.

So if I up and disappear at some point this week you’ll know why. And if I do manage to keep it all together AND keep my blog going without consuming a bottle of wine per day, well, give me a cape and call me supermom.

Just don’t push me off the side of a building to see if I’ll fly. I push myself too hard already.


March Break Blues


It’s snowing. And I’m thinking to myself, why the hell is it snowing when it’s almost the middle of March? And then I remember, oh yeah, I live in Canada.

I’m also right smack dab in the middle of March break. Kids are home and the youngest one is looking for something to do, as usual. I know what I want to do, but sitting around while I write, for some reason doesn’t seem all that fun to him. He wants my attention. Constantly. OR he wants my laptop, which is not very conducive to getting any writing done either.

So I pawned him off.

No, I didn’t sell him, though sometimes I’d like to. I gave him to a friend. Somehow I think he may be returned however.