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Nano Poblano – Day 21: Oh yes, I went there


How it should have gone:

Geek Squad Mike: How can I help you?

Me: I’ll start at the beginning, shall I? Here we go. In April, or maybe even March, I came in with my laptop because the battery was shutting the machine off at 70% power. You took it and you “fixed” it, but the battery was still fucked. So your manager promised me a new battery. Last week–yes, 7 or 8 months later–I finally got my new battery. I’d like to know if you can put it in for me. …oh wait! I can answer that question for you. NO! You can’t put my new battery in because you ordered the wrong one!

Geek Squad Mike: I have no idea which idiot ordered the wrong battery for you: here’s a new laptop, free of charge!


How it actually went:

Geek Squad Mike: How can I help you?

Me: I got the wrong battery.

Geek Squad Mike: What’s your phone number, I’ll look that up for you.

Ten minutes later:

Geek Squad Mike: (who has been joined by Geek Squad Dillon) We can order the new battery for you. I’ll leave you with Dillon: he knows more than I do. He’s the computer genius.

Me: Yes, he’s the computer genius who ordered the wrong battery for me last time.


For some reason, Geek Squad Dillon didn’t think that was funny.

True story.


This true story has been brought to you in conjunction with Mr. Mark:


and PoBloCompMo


Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

23 thoughts on “Nano Poblano – Day 21: Oh yes, I went there

  1. Does a REAL Geek (operating) Squad exist? Eek!


  2. Bahaha I loved this, not the fact that Dillon ordered you the wrong battery but your response to it. Your sarcastic wit leaves me wanting more Linda. 😃


  3. Oh jeez, that must be frustrating! I agree with some of the others, you should get a new laptop!


  4. Perfect, Being an IT myself, no not geek squad, That is perfect. Way to tell him. It gave me a chuckle. He He

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  5. Is it any wonder my brother (the resident computer guru here) doesn’t trust Best Buy’s Geek Squad?

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  6. Another fabulous reason to never step foot in that store. So sorry, Linda.


  7. Reblogged this on Crawford's Creative Corner and commented:
    If a company wants great customers, they need to treat their customers fairly. Linda G. Hill deserves a new laptop from Geek Squad, because waiting over six months for a battery only to be told “oops, we got the wrong one, now wait some more” is reprehensible. Do the right thing, Geek Squad! And followers, please reblog her post–let’s follow Captain Poblano’s lead here!

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  8. Pingback: Hey, Geek Squad, give Linda G. a new laptop | markbialczak

  9. I had to have the whole geek thing explained to me by the youngsters…still do not fully understand it. It is flattering now to be a geek. Turns OUT…not all geeks are well – such great geeks. They do the geek community a disservice.
    I AM peed off…YOU my dear must have steam coming out your eyeballs and ears.


  10. Don’t you just love the geeks of this world? No? …. Me either! ❤


  11. I’m cussing them out for you right now.


  12. Complain complain complain.. After a few calls and threats of writing a letter (yes i was surprised they actually were still scared of that lol) not only was my daughters samsung tablet changed for the newest version but i ended up getting a $35 Best buy gift card vecause the new one was sale and they had to refund me the difference. It has been about a yeat now and it is starting to do the same thing it was last year so i think i will try again forbthe newest galaxy and maybe some free software… It doesnt cost much but a phone call and email mayber if it even goes that far


  13. Time to go over their heads. Is there a head of the company?


  14. Ha, ha. Best Buy were the ones who shipped my 6-month-old TV to Detroit (from Buffalo?) for repair, and the a month later it was shipped back and broken during shipping, and they finally had to just give me a new TV. But I waited a month for all of that!


  15. Didn’t we call them geeks in a mean way when we were in high school when we thought nobody was listening, Linda? Don’t you think that still applies? Or maybe we should just move to freaking idiots? Why aren’t they giving you a free laptop by now? Hey Best Buy Public Relations. We have a WordPress blogger team of more than 50 members now angry by the way you are treating our Linda G. Power of the post. Just saying.


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