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Wasp Invasion!


I’ve had all kinds of bugs in my house: when I moved in we had pantry moths; it took two years to get rid of those. We’ve had flies, fruit flies … we even had a spate of lady bugs one year. Since spring this year, I’ve had an overabundance of snails slowly making their way around the front outside wall of my house. And now, this …

Two mornings ago I was in my kitchen, chatting with my son, when he pointed to the floor and said, is that a dead wasp? It was. They were. About two dozen of them, some still alive and walking around stupidly, but most were dead. They were all around my kitchen table, in the windows and on the table.

Yesterday morning I only found two, both dead.

This morning, I found out at least what was killing them. When I came downstairs to prepare Alex’s feeding pump at 5:30, I turned the light on. By the time I went back upstairs, there were a couple of wasps flying around the kitchen light over the table. I left it on, as I do, and went back upstairs only to realize I’d forgotten my phone. When I came back down, there were about half a dozen wasps, all flying around the unshaded incandescent bulb.

I deduced that the heat from the lightbulb is killing them. When I finally investigated, after Alex had gone to school–if I tell him about it, he’ll never sit at the table again–I found about a dozen, this time as many alive (but stupid) as dead. Problem is, I have no idea where they’re coming from.

So I’m guessing my best bet is to leave the light on, and hope they die when it gets cold outside. Because I ain’t hanging around in my kitchen to see where they’re crawling in while they’re alive and active.

Or maybe I’ll just go live outside with the snails.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

20 thoughts on “Wasp Invasion!

  1. Oh my! I would have DH go through that part of the house (and attic) with a fine toothed comb! WE will find them for sure. I doubt I would tell my son because, like yours, they would never sit at that table again. Good luck finding them and getting rid of them! Our pest problem this year is pincher bugs. Anytime something cloth lays on the floor for longer than thirty minutes, they will simply appear out of nowhere. When you pick up whatever it is, there they are. Like the cloth is making them appear.


  2. Oh boy, and I complain about the ants that come into the house during several rainy days. Wasps? I was in the car once when one flew it….i opened all the windows and the sunroof and prayed it would go away (it did)….hope you get rid of them.


  3. I hat wasps even more than I hate other bugs! I hope that you manage to get rid of them soon!


  4. I would lose my mind. Just completely freak out. I’m allergic and illogical and even one of those in my house makes me cry. They’re capable of squishing through slits, so having one or two isn’t unusual, but given the numbers you’re seeing, you’ve got a nest somewhere in/on your house.
    I’d go live with my in-laws until the first freeze. Heh.


  5. Yikes! I hope you figure this out.


  6. I can’t stand even a little moth. Wasps would terrify me. I’m glad the light bulb is doing the job as a bug zapper. Hope none will come into your house again.


  7. It’s the bad time of year for wasps. The whole eco-system of the nest in winding down, and since they don’t store up for the winters the workers will be dying in droves (they also get very bad tempered and will sting rather than avoid). Somewhere though, there will be a queen settling down to hibernate.
    The source could also be outside and they are attracted to the heat in the cooler weather.
    Good luck with them and take care

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  8. Oh gosh, this would be the end of me (it’s a bad day)–wasps, yikes! But I love your humorous option of going outside to live with the snails! That actually sounds good, at least temporarily 🙂


  9. It’s very likely the nest is in the roof above that particular light. If there are any holes anywhere (even tiny, weeny ones), get steel wool and shove it in with a toothpick so nothing can get in and out.
    They don’t ‘die’ over winter, they just stay in their nests.
    Having lived in many country areas, and no access to pest controllers, there are things that work. One of the most important is: don’t have open packets or access to any type of food – containers, with tight-fitting lids. This is what they steal to ensure they survive the cold season.
    Good luck.

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    • Good thought. I have a sliding glass door between my kitchen and my living room, so I think I’ll stand behind it with binoculars in the morning and see if they come out of the ceiling. I think it’s attic up there, but it’s also close to where my bedroom wall is … my room’s in the attic.
      If I don’t figure it out before winter sets in, I’ll definitely make sure there’s nothing for them to eat! I dread the idea of having one in my corn flakes!! 😛

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  10. It’s usually a nest in the attic. 😒


  11. I’ve had wasps, hornets and yellow jackets move into my house too many times. It’s never fun. I hope you find the nest so you can get rid of them!


  12. Wasps like paper wasps and yellow jackets seem like really like to move into the eaves and light fixtures too for some reason. I hope you figure it out. Those things give me the willies something awful.


  13. You could have a nest in the roof or your outside gable. The local council may be able to advisse you on disposal.


    • I talked to a pest control company. They said they could come and investigate, but unless I have some idea where the nest is, I might have to pay for nothing. I have to find it before I can fix it. 😛
      I need a suit of armor!!


      • Hubby used to do pest control though not wasps.
        He thinks the first place to look for a nest would be in your roof. If you find one, leave it alone and the wasps should leave you alone too, then you can call in the hit squad. This time of year with the change in temperature they’re looking for warm places, so are probably attracted to the light. Good luck.
        I hate them by the way.


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