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5. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

NOTE: Strong language, drug use.*

Tuesday, September 5th, 6:00pm
Sean (and Hillary)


Sean: (looks out window) Holy shit, man, did you see that? (glances over at Hillary in the seat across the aisle) Come and see this, seriously!

Hillary crosses the aisle and kneels beside Sean to look out the window.

Sean: That car just totally T-boned that other car.

Hillary: (whispers) Holy shit.

Sean: That was awesome.

Hillary: Huh.

Hillary backs toward the aisle.

Sean: Hey, I’m going to a party, wanna go?

Hillary: (sits beside Sean) Where is it?

Sean: In my fucking pants!

Hillary starts to get up.

Sean: No, wait, I’m kidding. It’s at a friend’s place. Hey aren’t you that girl in school? The one whose locker got burned for drugs last week?

Hillary: (sitting) They weren’t mine.

Sean: Riiiiight. I’m Sean. You’re Hillary, right?

Hillary: (nods) Whose house is the party at? Maybe I know him.

Sean: Her. It’s a her. She’s my girlfriend, but I think she’d like you.

Hillary stares at him.

Sean: She’s fucking great in bed.

Hillary continues to stare.

Sean: What? You fuckin’ in or not?

Hillary: Got any dope?


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