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10. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, September 10th, 9:00am
Madigan and Missy


Madigan: Sit still.

Missy: (speaks around thumb) I don’t wanna go to church.

Madigan: We have to. It’s a family obligation.

Missy: What’s a obagation?

Madigan: ObLIgation. It’s when Mommy should have shown up for your Auntie Barb’s Labour Day barbecue and didn’t, and now she feels bad. So we’re going to see her at church.

Missy: (looks out the window for a moment) Is that like when you feel bad for not shaving your legs when Uncle Ken comes for a sleepover?

Madigan: (laughs) Yeah, sort of. But Uncle Ken doesn’t sleep over. Uncle Ken is Auntie Barb’s husband.

Missy: But he goes in your room sometimes after I go to bed at night.

Madigan: (regards Missy for a moment) You know what? Why don’t we skip church and go to McDonald’s for breakfast instead.

Missy: Yay!


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