Life in progress


19. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, September 19th, 5:00pm
Jeff (and Candice)


Jeff sits beside the window alone.

Candice: (taking the seat beside him) Hey, aren’t you Sandi’s boyfriend?

Jeff opens his mouth but says nothing.

Candice: You’re Jeff, right?

Jeff: Yes …

Candice: Sandi told me all about you. I work with her.

Jeff: At the …

Candice: Dungeon, yeah. She says you’re going to save her.

Jeff tugs at his clerical collar.

Candice: It looks like all you want to do right now is save yourself from this conversation.

Jeff: (laughs) You’re very astute. What exactly did Sandi tell you about me?

Candice: She told me you spent a ‘heavenly’ weekend together.

Jeff: That we did.

Candice: So are you going to make an honest woman out of her?

Jeff: I’d like to. But I know she enjoys her job very much.

Candice: And I’m guessing you do too.

Jeff nods.

Candice: Have you ever thought about checking out where we work? I mean, for yourself … not to save everyone there.

Jeff: I couldn’t …

Candice: There are plenty of things that I would think you ‘couldn’t’ do.

Jeff looks down at his hands and smiles.

Candice: (bumps his shoulder with hers) Struck a nerve?

Jeff: (laughs wryly) I suppose I owe it to Miss Fantasia to see where she spends her days. She’s familiar with my workplace, after all.

Candice: I’m sure she’d be thrilled.

Jeff: (looks her in the eye) Thank you.

Candice: For what?

Jeff: For helping me see the light.

Candice: (slaps his knee) You’re a funny guy.


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