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140. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Thursday, January 18th, 4:00pm
Brandon and Jordan


Brandon: Why you so down today?

Jordan: What do you think?

Brandon waits quietly.

Jordan: Marissa broke up with me.

Brandon: No way!

Jordan nods and bites his nails.

Brandon: Did she say why?

Jordan shakes his head slightly but says nothing.

Brandon: Is it the sex thing?

Jordan nods.

Brandon: She doesn’t deserve you, man.

Jordan: I dunno.

Brandon: No, seriously. Stick to your guns. If sex is all she wants, she’s not worth it.

Jordan: I broke my fuckin’ ankle for her.

Brandon: Exactly.


Next stop: Friday, January 19th, 22:00

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#JusJoJan 2018, the 18th – Revolt

It seems my brain has revolted against me. I hope the following post makes sense – I’m not entirely sure I’m over it.

It started last night while I was driving to a coffee shop, to work on a short story I plan to submit to a new anthology. I began getting blank spots in my vision–the “s” was missing at the end of the word “McDonald’s,” for instance–which I know is an indication that a migraine is coming. Migraines like this, for me, usually come without pain, so I figured I’d be fine to continue on my way as long as I picked up some Advil. I stopped at the dollar store and walked around for a bit to see if the blind spots would clear, but they only got worse. Yet by the time I found the Advil and got to the checkout, it had completely cleared up. So off I went.

I got something to drink, took my Advil, and sat down to work. I began to get a mild headache, so I held off on writing for a while. Once I felt fine, I got out my notebook, put the pen to the paper, and couldn’t remember what I was going to write. Hmmm… I thought about it for a few seconds and then remembered the word I wanted was “snooze.” I got the S-N-O-O on the page and couldn’t for the life of me envision what the next letter was supposed to be. I was relieved about ten seconds later when I got it. Off to the next sentence.

I vaguely recalled I wanted to write, “I’ve never been much of a dreamer.” It took me a few tries, but I finally got the sentence written on the page. I thought it was a bit weird that I wasn’t able to concentrate, but I wasn’t too concerned. Yet. Seems my letter of the day yesterday was “v.” It was all I really managed. This is what I wrote:


“I give have been a dreamer.”

I realized this when I reread it about ten minutes later. I also realized I had to get to the hospital.

Fast forward to 3:10am: I walked home (thank goodness I only live 15 minutes from the hospital–I’m not allowed to drive) with a diagnosis that it may have actually been a migraine, but it could also have been a mini-stroke. The doctor at the emergency said that though I didn’t have any other symptoms, I should treat it like a stroke as a precaution. I’m going for a CT scan and an ultrasound this afternoon (don’t believe what they tell you about wait times that kill people in Canada!) and after I get a blood test, I have to go to a stroke specialist to get an all clear.

Now I’m going to try to get some sleep. Three hours and twenty minutes with 31 minutes awake/restless in between (thanks, Fitbit) wasn’t enough.

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#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 18th, 2018

Time (late) for your Just Jot it January prompt. Sorry for the delay: had an emergency trip to the hospital. Will explain later. Here’s your prompt:

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