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129. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, January 7th, 3:00pm
Christine and Teddy


Teddy: Mom?

Christine: Yeah, honey?

Teddy: Why is it so cold out?

Christine: ‘Coz it’s winter.

Teddy: Why is it winter?

Christine: ‘Coz that’s just what time of year it is.

Teddy: Don’t bears go to sleep in the winter?

Christine: Yes they do.

Teddy: Why don’t we go to sleep in the winter?

Christine: Because we don’t need to.

Teddy: Do bears need to?

Christine: Yes.

Teddy: Do you need to?

Christine: Only at night.

Teddy: Why do you have to sleep at night?

Christine: Same reason you do.

Teddy: But sometimes I don’t sleep at night.

Christine: I’m painfully aware of that.

Teddy: Does it hurt?

Christine: Not really.

Teddy: Then why do you keep telling me to go to sleep?

Christine: Because you need sleep.

Teddy: Is that why you called me Teddy?

Christine: (regards him) Yes.


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#JusJoJan Daily Prompt – January 7th, 2018

Hey there! We’re back to our regular daily prompts again. It’s been a busy weekend for me, but I hope to get some time to concentrate on all of you once Alex goes back to school on Monday. Whoopie for school!! 😀 Here’s your Sunday prompt:

Your prompt for January 7th, 2018, brought to you by the lovely Ruth, is “Indelible.” Use it any way you’d like in your post. And make sure you visit Ruth at her blog, “Image and Word” to read her post and say hi! Here’s her link:

Here are the general rules to follow for Just Jot it January:

1. Just Jot It January starts January 1st, but it’s never too late to join in! Here, we run on the honour system; the “jot it” part of JusJoJan means that anything you jot down, anywhere (it doesn’t have to be a post, it can even be a grocery list) counts as a “Jot.” If it makes it to your blog that day, great! If it waits a week to get from a sticky note to your screen, no problem!

2. I’ll post the daily prompts at 2am my time (GMT -5), every day except for Saturday’s Stream of Consciousness (SoCS) prompt–you’ll find that one on Friday morning at 9:30am. That daily post (i.e. this one) will be where you leave your link for others to find in the comment section. There will be a prompt for every day except Wednesday, when the prompt is simply my One-Liner Wednesday.

3. As long as your blog is on WordPress, you’ll be able to link via pingback. To execute a pingback, just copy the URL from the daily prompt post, and paste it anywhere in your post. Check to make sure your link shows up where you want it to, and go back occasionally to see other bloggers’ entries – the more you visit others, the more they’ll visit you! If you’re participating from another blogging host, just drop a link into the comment section. Note: The newest pingbacks and comments will appear at the top.

4. Tag your post JusJoJan and/or #JusJoJan.

5. Write anything! Any length will do! It can even be a photo or a drawing – you’re going to title it, right? There’s your jot!

6. The prompts are here both to remind you and to inspire you to write. However, you don’t have to use the prompt word of the day. You can link any kind of jot back here. Note: If it’s 18+ content, please say so in a comment with your link or close to your pingback.

7. If you’d like to, use the JusJoJan badge so that others can find your post more easily.

8. Have fun!

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#SoCS & #JusJoJan 2018, the 6th – Economy

I strive to do everything economically. Balance my budget, manage my time effectively, eat things with not too many calories, and plan my movements around the house. You know, stuff like piling things at the bottom of the stairs to take all at once or the next time I go up, rather than make a special trip. But then the Fitbit came into my life and screwed everything up. Or at least the economy of movement bit.

Now I take extra trips from the fridge to the table in an effort to get more steps in. I know I should just bite the bullet and go for a walk, but the bullet is an ice cube at the moment and it’s just too much bloody trouble to get all dressed only to turn around and run back to the safety of the warmth of my house after going 10 feet up the street because my nose broke off when I went to wipe it.

Can you tell I write fiction?

Fiction with run-on sentences? (I don’t! I edit my fiction, damnit! I’m not allowed to edit this. Stop judging me!!!)

Where was I?

Oh yes, economy of movement. It’s all about multi-tasking. Those of us who are good at that have learned to plan our movements ahead of time so as not to waste energy doing things that are unnecessary. I used to walk around the track at the fitness centre all the time. That really makes no sense, as I’m using energy and never going anywhere. So I used the time plotting stories in my head, listening to music that would inspire me. I miss going to the track, but I’ve been too busy to go. I must start going there again. Because let’s face it, I ain’t getting many steps in between the fridge and the table unless I’m eating my own weight in snacks to keep myself doing something worthwhile.

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