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#SoCS & #JusJoJan 2018, the 20th – Occupation


Occupational hazards are present in every job, it seems. I mean seriously, you would think staying at home working on a computer in your pajamas has to be the safest thing you can possibly do. Apparently not. I need to get up and move occasionally. And the eyes! They’re at risk as well unless I look away from the screen regularly. I suppose that’s true of many desk jobs, though. Even ones that aren’t performed in one’s pajamas.

Companies should have pajama days, don’t you think? Casual Fridays have been a thing for many years, but what about designating a day of the week, or even a day of the month, so people can go to work as though they’re shopping at Wal-mart? Oh, and especially if you work at Wal-mart, though that would be more of a dress-up-like-the-customers day.

Not sure why I’m picking on Wal-mart, though. I see people walking around in their pjs in the grocery store, around the mall … hell, even I ran out to the bus a couple of months back to hand Alex something he’d forgotten for school, dressed in my sleep clothes. (“Sleep clothes” is what I call them in sign language – it’s managed to translate to English nine times out of ten in my house.)

Speaking of sleep, my Saturday Second Seat on the Right series post will come out at 11:58pm my time–hopefully I’ll be sleeping (what a segue!)–and then Sunday’s Second Seat post will appear at 12:01am, just three minutes later. If you’re a regular reader, don’t miss them! It’s kind of a two-parter.  Could I call it a bi-parter? Because then, if it had eight parts, I could call it an octo-parter …

This post full of sleep-clothes madness is brought to you by Just Jot it January …

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

21 thoughts on “#SoCS & #JusJoJan 2018, the 20th – Occupation

  1. I’d rather wear sweats than PJs. They are my day clothes and even though no one is going to see me, I feel more awake. I just like more awake clothes for day. And they are warmer. I don’t need heavy under the blankets. Fun post! The comments are 50/50 it seems on the PJs at work.

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  2. I love listening to your brain:)

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  3. I *most definitely* think companies should begin having pajama days.

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  4. I love to wear stretchy pants to work at home (and anywhere else I can) to remind me to stretch. But for some reason, I work better after I have brushed my teeth. Gotta go look outside regularly, too.

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  5. I dunno if I could handle pajama day at work. I do feel like our dress affects our behavior, at least mine to a certain degree. Wednesday, I wore fleece, velour, and sporty Mary Janes to work, and I felt weird, like I was too comfortable.
    I have seen pajama-clad people everywhere. It’s definitely a thing.
    Sometimes when I come home, the last thing I want to do is look at a screen. I can’t imagine how tiresome it is for you.

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  6. I don’t know… I used to like the idea of working in my PJs, but then I found I actually get more done if I get up and dressed like I’m going to work, even if I don’t need to go to an office. It’s a ritual. Everyone works best on different stimuli though, so, who knows…

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  7. Arrrrrrrrrrgh! Pyjamas at the school gates, in the shops…. What ever next!


  8. I don’t think I have the attention span to handle an octo-parter


  9. Haha, I’m all for a pajama day. I was thinking about that a few weeks ago. Casual Friday’s are really only jean day, you know? You still have to look nice. I’d love to wear my sweats and bring a blanket. That would be nice.

    Great post, Linda!


  10. Ooooh! Second Seat Excitement. Looking forward to the bi-parter 🙂


  11. I vote for pyjamas days!!!


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