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Bots and Pingbacks – Beware


Here we go again. The bots and spammers have found a new trick. I had a spammer ping back to one of my older prompts this morning. Fortunately I get a little preview in my notifications of what’s in the body of the post where the link to my blog is situated. UNfortunately, you can’t see the preview in the link in my comments.

The one I caught this morning was trying to advertise steroids. All this to say if you see a pingback that’s suspect on one of my prompts, don’t click on it. I’ll do my best to zap them before they cause any trouble. And if you get one of these bots pinging back on your own blog, be sure to hit the spam button rather than delete, so maybe Akismet’s algorithms will catch them. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Please spread the word either by reblogging this or writing your own post. Don’t let the bots get the upper hand! Thanks!

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35 thoughts on “Bots and Pingbacks – Beware

  1. Thanx

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  2. Yes, I’ve seen that a time or two. Pinging back is so nice. Piggybacking on prompts is NOT. Tsk.


  3. As I moderate all my comments and any pingbacks to my posts, they don’t appear on any of my posts unless I’ve approved them first. I do this from the comments section on the dashboard of my blog rather than from the notifications icon in the top righthand corner. On the dashboard, I can hover my mouse over the link and see a preview. If no preview comes up (or I can clearly see from the preview that it’s a link to spam)then I mark the pingback as spam and send it to my WordPress spam folder. This also helps WordPress identify any further spam links that may come through.

    I’ve also recently been getting some spam links from WordPress blogs set up by people who are obviously blogging to get unsuspecting people over to their blog where they can “cough, cough* sell themselves in-person or via webcam. I report any sites like these to WordPress so they can remove the blog.


    • Unfortunately I can’t moderate my comments, what with the prompts. I’d have to be here 24/7 to keep people from getting frustrated. But checking comments from the dashboard is an excellent idea for those tricky comments we’re not sure of.
      I appreciate that you report the blogs to WP, Hugh! ❤ I shall endeavor to do the same. 🙂

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  4. very helpful to know//// thanks


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    Spread the word! The spammers are at it again!


  6. Pingbacks not a problem on blogger but neither this post or the SoCS prompt appeared in my reading list today. Weird!


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    Watch out for bots and spammers! Thanks for the heads up Linda!


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  10. Good to be aware of. Thank you!!


  11. Thanks for the head’s up, Linda!


  12. Thank you for the warning, Linda.
    I have had a new visitor at my blog, as just like everything and think, that I got a comment too, which use to make me visit their blog too. The name for this blog had with Jewelry to do, but the site was all about sexy underwear for women and no jewelry…..


  13. I usually check out who wants to ping back to my posts. And if it looks fishy I don’t approve it. Not sure if I have caught all the bots or illegitimate blogs this way. Sometimes I have allowed the ping back if they look harmless but maybe I should be more discerning. I like the idea of identifying them as spam. 🙂


    • I get so many pingbacks that I don’t always pay attention to them right away. I just don’t want any of my followers to get caught clicking on the wrong ones. :/

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      • Well on my comment section it does show ping back differently than links to URLs If you are talking about URLs I can see where you would not want someone clicking on a spam one thinking it was a post. Then it would be time consuming to go through and identify them as spam. Geez.


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    Thanks to Linda Hill for the heads up!


  15. Thanks much for the heads up, Linda. You’re the best!


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