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173. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, February 20th, 4:00pm
Jordan (and Brandon)


Jordan sits at the window. Brandon takes the seat beside him.

Brandon: Hey, man, haven’t seen you around. What you been up to?

Jordan: Oh, this and that.

Brandon: Yeah? How’d Valentine’s go with Marissa?

Jordan: It didn’t.

Brandon: It … what?

Jordan: It didn’t. I changed my mind.

Brandon: So, what did Marissa do?

Jordan: (shakes head) It’s over. She called me a pussy.

Brandon: That’s tough, bro.

Jordan: Yeah, whatever.

Brandon: Hey, you wanna go for a beer?

Jordan: May as well. Nothin’ better to do.

Brandon: ‘At’s my bro.


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