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172. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Monday, February 19th, 8:00am
Michael (and DeeDee)


Michael sits at the window, reading. DeeDee takes the seat beside him.

DeeDee: (clears throat) Excuse me, sir?

Michael: I’m reading.

DeeDee: (shifts nervously in the seat) I’d like to interrupt you, if I may.

Michael: (looks up for the first time and does a double take) What for?

DeeDee: I’m sorry, but I’d like to ask you to help me. I’m doing a project for college, and I need to interview someone on the bus.

Michael: (smiles and closes his book on his lap) I’d be pleased to help out.

DeeDee: (exhales deeply) Thank you!

Michael observes her as she bends to pull a notepad out of her back pack.

DeeDee: (holds up finger) I’m almost ready.

Michael: Take your time.

DeeDee: Here we go. (straightens and holds a banana up to her mouth) First question: What would you say is the strangest thing you’ve ever seen on the bus? (moves the banana in Michael’s direction)

Michael: (hesitates) You’re … joking, right?

DeeDee: (brings the banana back) About what? (moves the banana out)

Michael: You’re interviewing me with a banana.

DeeDee: (brings the banana back) No I’m not. (holds up notepad) It’s a notepad.

Michael shakes his head and goes back to reading.


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