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156. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Saturday, February 3rd, 6:00pm
Michelle (and Sean)


Michelle sits at the window, sleeping. Sean takes the seat beside her.

Michelle: (waking up) What the fuck … Where am I?

Sean: Just passed Main Street.

Michelle: (sits up abruptly) Main Street? Shit! I was supposed to get off at Front Street. My mom’s going to kill me! Time is it?

Sean: Ten o’clock.

Michelle: Ten!? I’ve been sleeping for four fucking hours?

Sean: (chuckles) It’s only six. And Front Street’s just up ahead.

Michelle: You’re an asshole, you know that?

Sean: (sighs) Yeah.


Next stop: Sunday, February 4th, 3:00am

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#SoCS – To Do

My to-do list is once again way over the top. I find it much easier when that list is dominated by stuff I have to do for other people. When I promise someone I will, for instance, have their editing job done on a certain day, nine times out of ten I get it done early. I’m able to concentrate better when I have someone counting on me. I have discipline. When it’s only me counting on me, I have none.

At the moment I’m supposed to be working on three short stories (I have a deadline for two of them, but they’re not motivating me yet), one of which I’ve gone as far as creating a Word document and naming. Not a single word in the document itself. The other two I have great ideas for, but the deadline for the first is closer. As someone wise once said (Stephen King?) starting is the hardest part.

My excuse for not working on my novel is I’m waiting for a beta reader to get back to me. I could work on it anyway, but there’s this short story …

All in all it seems I’m the last person on my to-do list who has any clout. I love to make other people happy by getting their work done on time, but me–meh. I’m not that important. I need to find a way to change that. And I need to find a way to stop procrastinating. In other words, I need to get off my ass and do things for me.

Suggestions on how to do that are welcome.

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