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180. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, February 27th, 4:00pm
Blade and Mumsy


Mumsy: You have everything you need?

Blade: Yes, Mumsy. I have everything I need.

Mumsy: And you’re wearing clean undergarments?

Blade: Of course, Mumsy.

Mumsy: And you won’t be too frightened?

Blade: No, Mumsy. I’ll be fine.

Mumsy: Because I can come with you.

Blade: (sighs) We’ve been through this before, Mumsy. You can’t come to college with me. It’s something I have to do myself.

Mumsy: As long as you’re sure.

Blade: I am, Mumsy.

Mumsy: (pats his hand) All right then.

Blade: (freezes and gasps) Wait. Did you pack my grey poupon?

Mumsy: No, I thought you did.

Blade: We must go back! I can’t go to school without my grey poupon!

Mumsy: (stands up) Driver! My son forgot his grey poupon! Turn this vehicle around immediately! We need to go back! (sits)

Blade: (a minute later) Why is he not turning around?

Mumsy: I have no idea. (stands) Driver! I said turn this vehicle around immediately!

Blade: Perhaps I should go and speak to him privately.

Mumsy: (stands) No, you just sit. I’ll take care of this.

Mumsy walks to the front of the bus and returns a moment later.

Blade: What did he say?

Mumsy: (indignantly) He told me we’ll have to disembark and catch something or other going in the opposite direction!

Blade: Of all the nerve!

Mumsy: That’s the last time I hire this limo company!

Blade: (shakes his head) I knew this was a bad idea when he refused to get out and open the door for us.


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The Magician’s Curse – Award-Winning Novel


The Paranormal Romance Guild has announced the winners of their Reviewer’s Choice Awards, and my novel, The Magician’s Curse, came in first place! It’s a bit surreal to be able to call myself an award-winning author. I don’t think it’s really sunk in yet.

Linda Tonis, senior reviewer for the Paranormal Romance Guild wrote:

I literally read this book in a few hours since I found it hard to put down. This is a story filled with magic, curses, sex, romance, secrets and surprises so how could I not love it.

To read the full review, click here.

Thanks so much to the Guild for nominating me, and thanks to everyone who voted for me!

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