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One-Liner Wednesday – Funny or Terrible?


I’m almost afraid to post this. I was at my Deaf son’s school, waiting outside with another mom (the doors were locked) for our kids to get out of basketball practice. We waited, and waited, until the time passed that practice should have been out. The doors are made of glass, so I walked over to see if they were still in the gym. They were. I was going to knock, but of course they couldn’t hear me. They’re Deaf. So I went back to the other mom to let her know what had happened, and the stupidest line I could have ever come up with came out of my mouth.

I see Deaf people.

IT WAS TRUE! Don’t shoot me.

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88 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – Funny or Terrible?

  1. My wife naps so much I told her she’s on her back more than Stormy Daniels…

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  3. i vote for funny *and* terrible!

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  7. very funny and a good one, too!

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  9. Sounds like something I would say. Thanks for the giggle.

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  11. But do they see you Linda!!?

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  17. Lol! Laughter is the best medicine 🙂


  18. I LOVE it! Thanks for the laugh. I needed it today.


  19. I burst out laughing when I read that. 😆. I could almost picture your facial expression as the words exited your mouth. Christina was deaf (95% in one ear, 80% in the other.). I assure you if she were here I’d share your story and she would laugh too.


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  24. Lmaoooo. What was the other mom’s reaction?


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  26. That is so wrong, it’s right. And funny! Here’s my weekly contribution:


  27. Ir—-forget it, spell ck won’t accept the real word unless it’s in caps, but you know what I mean


  28. It was funny, something irrevelantant I would say…..


  29. Not just funny…. hilarious!

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  32. I would say it is funny, because it made me think about that Bruce Willis movie ‘Sixth Sense’.

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  35. This is hilarious! I confess, I use that epic line from The Sixth Sense ALL THE TIME. Like you, I just change the adjective 🤣🤣🤣. I promised myself I’d have something for #1linerWeds today. I’d better get moving.


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  37. Funny AND terrible! And terribly funny! 😀 My one-line is also terrible and funny, courtesy of #4 Daughter:


  38. Was wondering where you’d disappeared to!
    That is funny !


  39. I think that’s very cool, actually.
    I don’t talk much. I like writing – even if not very well.
    So I would like, one day, to be able to say, “deaf people hear me.”


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  41. Ha ha – Oh, Linda, I don’t think you’re going to burn for that. I think the world needs humor, especially spontaneous humor.


  42. Haha! First LOL of the day!


  43. SORRY FOR THE DELAY!! I scheduled this post for 2am tomorrow by accident. 😛 :/

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