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Can’t Clap


My bedroom door sticks. Let’s get that bit of information out of the way to start with. It’s actually worse in the summer–it barely closes then. It’s a dream in the winter to close, but it’s starting to get bad again. Therefore, when I want to close it enough to keep the dog out of my room, I have to slam it to basically wedge it into the door frame.

Yesterday, in a hurry to get downstairs with a handful of change, I slammed the door with said handful of change, and you can guess what happened. I slammed the side of my hand into the door frame, full force. I thought I’d broken it. It bled profusely for a while, so now I’m left with a bump, a bruise, and probably a scab; I haven’t had the guts to take the bandage off yet to look. And it’s still hurts to touch it. I definitely can’t clap. (Yes, I went a loooong way to get that title.)

If it had happened, say, next Wednesday instead, I could have used Karma for Thursday the 12th, which would have been much more in line with the fact that I’m illegally tagging along on the A to Z Challenge this year. Apparently you can’t spell Karma with a “C.” It’s even more illegal than what I’m doing, and only Buddha knows what might have gotten stuck in the door jamb if I’d attempted it!

Future is past, in my world. It’s a rebirth thing. 😉

My hand. My poor, poor hand.



Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

21 thoughts on “Can’t Clap

  1. Aw, I am sorry for your poor, poor hand! Not a case of a “change” for the better. See, this is why we don’t hit people with our fists. It hurts our fists. Even with a roll of change as impromptu brass knuckles. Why, yes, I do read a lot of crime fiction; why do you ask?


  2. Makes me wish I lived close enough to fix your door. Tightening the hinges might help, or you might have to shave down the door a bit. I’ve done a lot of those kinds of fixes over the years.


  3. Oh my goodness, you poor thing! Ouch!


  4. Sorry but I did laugh. Not about your poor hand but at the comment of the illegally tagging along on the A to Z challenge. The blogging police are gonna get you. lol


  5. Clicking like didn’t seem appropriate considering your pain. Hope it heals quickly.


  6. Definitely feel your pain. Thanks for working through it to produce a post.


  7. And yet you carried on to post this for all of us. What sacrifice! 🙂 Feel better!


  8. Like I always say, the minute you have ANY extra money, shit happens. Hope that hand heals quickly, Linda.

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  9. Ouch! I’ve done that myself. Hope it doesn’t Cramp your Coloring Capabilities 🙂

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  10. Oh no, I am sorry you hurt your hand, Linda, but at least you can still type and carry on with the Challenge . 🙂

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  11. You poor thing. Hand injuries like that are so painful, especially since our hands are in constant motion. Hope you heal quickly!


  12. Painful! I hope it feels better soon.


  13. Hope your carmic (c what I did there? 😜) cut heals soon Linda!!!


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