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#SoCS – Aggression


Aggression isn’t natural for me, but I find myself acting aggressively towards my keyboard. Why? Because the spacebar isn’t working properly. I have to hit it so hard every time I press it that typing is somewhat akin to playing drums in a death metal band.

Meanwhile, it’s probably due to a crumb that passively made it’s way under the key.

Die, motherf–!!

Yeah. So. That’s my day so far. 🙂

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Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

15 thoughts on “#SoCS – Aggression

  1. Lol! ya gotta love crumbs! hehehe ❤


  2. New keyboards aren’t that expensive…


  3. 😆 I hate when that happens…


  4. I find it therapeutic to turn the keyboard upside down and shake it till its teeth rattle. I do it over a piece of paper, of course, because all those crunchy bits do fall out if you shake hard enough. It helps if you growl while you do it.


  5. This reminds me of the days of long ago, when I used a manual typewriter with the hunt and peck method. It also reminds me to not eat at the computer, though I probably still will.


  6. You can get brand new, wireless keyboards for about 20 bucks these days. Stop pounding on your space bar and spring for a new, wireless keyboard.


  7. We frequently get this reported as a problem at work. We try clearing it, and then replace it. Of course, we’re spending someone else’s money.


  8. I keep a can of compressed air on hand just to keep the keyboard blown out so I don’t end up having to take every cap off and clean inside with alcohol.


  9. Signs of a hard working keyboard! 😉


  10. I have the same problem with the letter q on my PC. Lucky for me few words have a q in them


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