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#SoCS – My Own Worst Enemy


I admit it: I wasn’t thinking straight when I came up with today’s SoCS prompt. If I had, I’d have realized that because my real favourite word isn’t fit for a family-friendly blog, I’d have to come up with another “favourite” word that wasn’t really my favourite. If I’m nothing else, I’m honest. However, the real reason I wanted to use this prompt was to see what other people’s favourite words are.

The question comes from my memory of watching “Inside the Actors Studio.” (The lack of an apostrophe is something I’d never noticed before. My editor’s brain has given me new insight–love it when that happens.) I remember thinking that if they asked me the same ten questions they ask the guests on the show, my favourite word would be the same as my favourite curse word. And I also remember thinking that if I answered the question honestly, I’d blush. I loved watching that show – I’m amazed to find upon researching it that it’s still running. Twenty-two seasons and counting.

I found this from the show:

I have so many second-favourite words, I can’t pinpoint one. Phenomena, because it reminds me of the “Me na me na” song from the Muppets; moist, because it’s the underdog of all words for some strange reason; coffee, by association; magic, because of what it represents to me; there are so many!!

But my favourite word of all …

Nope. Not telling.

This evasive post is brought to you by Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Click the link to find all the participants’ posts in the comments and join in with one of your own!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

21 thoughts on “#SoCS – My Own Worst Enemy

  1. awe! enquiring minds wanna know what your favourite word is! 😛


  2. Moist has become a legend in its own time


  3. I wonder how many of us can guess! 😉


  4. Oh, now I have that Muppet’s song in my head. I thought today’s prompt was pretty interesting. 🙂


  5. This was a nice SoC post. I like it when you drift away from the rules. It gives my greater latitude when I consider the prompts. Of course, me and the rules aren’t the best of friends.


  6. Robin Williams was a real master of Stream of Consciousness.


  7. Thanks for the Robin Williams video. It’s like his stream of consciousness goes right to his mouth like rip roaring rapids. He’s one of a kind.


  8. What a great clip. So sad to lose such a talent. Makes you wonder what really was going on in his head. I can guess what your word might be but I don’t use that kind of language. Magic is a good one though and LOL me no me na brings back such good memories. Happy Saturday.


  9. I suspect your favorite word may be the same as, or at least very similar, to my favorite word. And I’m not telling, either.


  10. It’s hard To find just one!


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