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275. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

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Note: Strong language.

Saturday, June 2nd, 8:00pm
Hillary (and Sean)


Hillary sits at the window, looking at an iPad. Sean takes the seat beside her.

Sean: Whatcha got there?

Hillary: Jake gave it to me.

Sean: Ooooh, things are escalating. He found out what a great cocksucker you are, huh?

Hillary: Why do you have to be so crude? And no, I didn’t suck his cock. He just gave it to me ‘coz he likes me.

Sean: He’s expecting it though. No guy gives things away without expecting something in return.

Hillary: No, that’s just you.

Sean: Pfft. Wait and see.

Hillary: No YOU wait and see. Jake’s a gentleman. You’re just a dick.

Sean: HA! A gentleman who plays with himself on the bus. HA!

Hillary: Shut up. He doesn’t do that anymore.

Sean: That’s what you think.


Next stop: Sunday, June 3rd, 5:00pm

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Author: Linda G. Hill

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