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306. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, July 3rd, 5:00pm
Morag (and Zoey)


Morag sits at the window. Zoey takes the seat beside her.

Morag: (pulls headphones out of her ears) Man, that was a good book.

Zoey: Cool. Which one were you listening to?

Morag: Oh, I was listening to music.

Zoey stares at her.

Morag: I was just reading the last Harry Potter book to myself. I have them all memorized.

Zoey: Wow. You must have read them a lot of times.

Morag: Oh yeah. Did you know Dumbledore killed Snape in the last book?

Zoey: No …

Morag: Oh, I’m sorry. I should have said “spoiler alert.”

Zoey: But even if it were true, it’s not in the last book.

Morag: (frowns) Look, lady, do you have the books memorized?

Zoey: No, but …

Morag: I rest my case.


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