Life in progress


313. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, July 10th, 5:00pm
Jocelyn and Jody


Jody: Mommy?

Jocelyn: (tiredly) Yes?

Jody: Can I be a rocket when I grow up?

Jocelyn: No, you can not be a rocket when you grow up.

Jody: Why not?

Jocelyn: Because a rocket is a thing, and you are not a thing. You’re a person.

Jody: But that new kid Jackie said his dad says he’s gonna send Jackie’s mom to the moon. How can Jackie’s mom go to the moon if she’s not a rocket?

Jocelyn: (thinks for a moment) Jackie needs to keep his mouth shut.

Jody: Jackie said his dad says that too.

Jocelyn: Does your daycare worker know?

Jody: (shrugs) Prolly. Jackie’s mom is my new daycare worker. She doesn’t look like a rocket. But Sammy says her tits look like torpedoes.

Jocelyn: Jody!

Jody: Well that’s what Sammy says.

Jocelyn: I think we need to look for another daycare.


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