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324. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Saturday, July 21st, 9:00pm
Edward and Lily


Lily: I thought you were leaving town.

Edward: I just said that so Bella wouldn’t know what hit her.

Lily: You’re going to hit her?

Edward: No, no. It’s a modern figure of speech. I’m going to kidnap her.

Lily: How does it help that she thinks you’re out of town?

Edward: Not her, her friend. If she thinks I’m gone, she won’t know who kidnapped Bella. All I need you to do is take care of the other one. Whatshername. The crazy one.

Lily: You mean the one who’s about as crazy as you are?

Edward: Yeah. That one.

Lily: And where, may I ask, are you planning to steal Bella off to?

Edward: Your place.

Lily: Oh no you’re not!

Edward: You sure? I’ll throw in a tasty treat for you.

Lily: (narrows eyes) How tasty?

Edward: (smiles) That’s for me to know and you to find out.

Lily: (snorts) All I can say is you’d better make this worthwhile.


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#SoCS – Gimme some skin!

Skin is an organ, right? Sure it is. (Looked it up because I was only 99% sure.) You know what else I looked up? The phrase “give me some skin.” That was exactly what I thought it was too. But I was surprised at how many “give me some …”s there are in the Urban Dictionary. Many surprised me. Some even include other organs! Look if you dare.

Give me some skin is such a friendly one, though. As long as you don’t mind sharing your organs. Of course, some people go much further and share their kidneys. Not both, of course. That would be fatal. Potentially. Still, you don’t see people going around saying “gimme some kidney …” *Checks Urban Dictionary OOh, if you click on the last one on the list, you get more. But no, there’s cabbage, but no kidney.

Then there’s the exchange of organs–an eye for an eye. That doesn’t make much sense, does it? Unless you jip someone out of an eye that has 20/20 vision when yours is less. Haha! Gotcha! But then you have the potential difficulty of having two eyes that don’t match in colour. How awkward! (I have one blue and one green … it’s really not that awkward. But you know, stream of consciousness and no editing …) I’m using a lot of ellipsis in this post. I don’t usually.

Anyhoo, lots to do. There are a couple of actual blog posts I’ve been meaning to write. *gasp! So much to do.

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