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336. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Thursday, August 2nd, 5:00pm
Drew (and Cletis)


Drew sits at the window. Cletis takes the seat beside him.

Drew: I think I’ve finally figured out why they call them “TV dinners.”

Cletis: Oh yeah?

Drew: Yes. The philosophy of having something so simple as to be able to cook it without any preparation ahead of time, allows one to watch television whilst awaiting a delicious meal with minimal effort.

Cletis: Huh. I thought it was ’cause when you stick ’em in the microwave you can watch them go around and around, just like you was watchin’ TV.

Drew: (thinks for a moment) It could be that too.


Next stop: Friday, August 3rd, 8:00pm

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96. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, December 5th, 1:00pm
Felicia (and Zoey)


Felicia sits at the window. Zoey takes the seat beside her.

Felicia: Nice day, huh? …wait. Why is the sun on THAT side of the bus?

Zoey: Errr …

Felicia: Are we going west?

Zoey: Yeah.

Felicia: Damn it! I’m supposed to be going the other way.

Zoey: Are you on your way to something you don’t want to go to?

Felicia: (stares at her) How did you know?

Zoey: Just checking out the theory that there’s no such thing as an accident.

Felicia: Wow. I guess you’re right. I’m on my way to a new job, and my ex-boyfriend works there.

Zoey: (smiling) For the best?

Felicia: (shrugs) I guess so. Only he’s kept me broke for years. Nothing changes. (sighs and stares out the window)


Next stop: Wednesday, December 6th, 6:00pm

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Just Jot It Jan 30 – History

Everyone knows the saying, Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it (not necessarily the exact quote – it’s too late at night to look it up).  When we hear it, it’s usually said in the context of the history of the world. Things like when Germany voted in Hitler… that sort of stuff.

But it’s true on a much smaller scale. We get it every time we learn something by experience. From falling in love with the wrong person, all the way down to walking into the corner of the damned bed frame every time we enter the spare bedroom. *rubs bruise* Hell, even Pavlov’s dog learned from what had happened before.

That’s just one direction though. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and I’ve come up with a theory. (It’s probably not new, but if someone else has already thought of it, I’m not aware.) You’d better be sitting down for this one.

What if our whole world is some higher power’s history gone wrong for the umpteenth time? What if whoever built the pyramids went through all the same crap we’re going through, and all they lacked was something other than the pyramids themselves to prove they existed? What if… what if the best thing we have to prove we were here is plastic? That would make the pyramid people better than us! That would mean we’re a worse, more throw-away version, of someone stubbing their toe on the furniture than… than the dinosaurs!!

Yeah, I need more sleep.



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