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64. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right


Friday, November 3rd, 2:00pm
Sammy and Leroy (and Zoey)


Sammy sits at the window. Leroy is in the aisle seat.

Sammy: I bet you can’t go five minutes without saying something.

Leroy: Of course I can.

Sammy: Okay, try it.

Leroy: When do you want me to start?

Sammy: Now.

Leroy: I can do this, you know.

Sammy: That was a whole 30 seconds.

Leroy: I wasn’t ready.

Sammy: You’ll never be ready.

Zoey approaches.

Zoey: (to Sammy, pointing at the aisle seat) Do you mind if I sit here?

Sammy: My friend is sitting here.

Zoey: (frowns) That’s a ventriloquist’s dummy.

Leroy: Hey! Who are you calling a dummy?

Zoey: (to Leroy) You! (shakes head and looks at Sammy) Would you mind moving your doll so I can sit?

Sammy: Leroy’s not a doll. He can’t even shut up for five minutes!

Zoey: You mean you can’t shut up for five minutes.

Leroy: Of all the nerve! You can’t talk to him like that!

Zoey: I’m not talking to you, I’m … (mumbles) Oh never mind. (moves to the back of the bus)

Leroy: (to Sammy) Do you believe that? Some people!


Next stop: Saturday, November 4th, 4:00pm

Click here to learn all about this series, how it works, and where to find your favourite characters.

Author: LindaGHill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

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