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#LOVEISINDABLOG2018 – Devotion


I was both surprised and happy to find that my friend Bee is hosting her February prompt, Love Is In Da Blog again this year! If you’re looking for prompts, check out her blog here!

When I think about the word “devotion,” my mind immediately goes to single-minded love and romance. But then, Merriam-Webster dictionary actually states this:

obsolete : the object of one’s devotion

Who knew this definition was obsolete?

Yet it’s true, the term is much broader than that. I’m devoted to my kids–all three of them. I’m devoted to my friends, both offline and on. I’m devoted to my writing, my career in editing, and my blog. I’m devoted to caring for my dog … the cat slightly less, because perhaps he’s less devoted to me. That, and he’s not my cat. He’s my son’s and will move with him if he ever moves out.

Which begs the question is it possible to be devoted to someone (or something) that’s not devoted back? Absolutely. That can get rather frustrating, though, in a “but why are you leaving me” sort of way. In the case of the kids, that’s usually inevitable.

Do we throw the word devotion around too liberally? Perhaps. Makes you think about what you’re truly devoted to though, doesn’t it?

Be sure to check out Bee’s prompt a the following link, and join in today!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

15 thoughts on “#LOVEISINDABLOG2018 – Devotion

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  2. love this! very well said. xx


  3. I am devoted to my husband. I’d say that’s it. I used to be devoted to my children, but they’re not too needy these days. The rest is addiction or work 😉


  4. Hi Linda, thanks for taking part and the shoutout. Much appreciated. When I wrote the prompt I didn’t many people are still using the word. It rather comes to mind in a religious connection. But yes you are right we are devoted to many things in our lives. Or at least I hope so. Otherwise, it would be a rather sad life, wouldn’t it?


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