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#SoCS – Sofa, so good


Well, I was going to get loads of work done today. Work on my own novel, on the short story I’m writing to submit to the upcoming anthology by Transmundane Press, work on my editing website, and on the introduction I need to write for the St. Patrick’s Day anthology I edited. And what have I done so far? Your guess is as good as mine, but it wasn’t any of the above.

Thing is, I have been working all day. I must have, because I didn’t play a single computer game. I did do a final proofreading run-through on the St. Patty’s anthology. And my butt is square from sitting on the sofa all day, so I must have been on the laptop.

I do keep getting up to grab myself something from the fridge in hopes that when I get back, I’ll get something done. But it’s like there’s so much to do I’m not sure where to start, so I end up doing things like chatting on Facebook (I have to–it’s anthology work), or scrolling through the, like, 50 tabs I have open to see what’s new. Social media is my downfall. I admit it.

What else have I done today? I avoided wine. That’s gotta count for something, especially since Alex is on a rare weekend at his dad’s. I know, I say I “avoided” wine like it’s flying through the air, aiming at me. It’s not true. It’s actually tucked into a wine rack in the basement. All two dozen bottles … Mmm, wine.

BUT, I can still get some work done tonight, can’t I? It’s only … 11:06pm. Oh damn, the clocks go forward. It may as well be after midnight. Where does the time go?!? Alex will be home before I know it, and I won’t have any work done!! May as well give up and drink wine.

Oh look! There’s a bottle now! Better catch it.

This crazy post is brought to you by Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Find the prompt post here and read all the contributing blogs!

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

15 thoughts on “#SoCS – Sofa, so good

  1. Oh Linda you make me giggle. I too have been ducking and avoiding the wine bottles flying through the air. You just described my whole week, oh hell the month of my life! I miss SOCS and your talent I’ll make sure to pop by tomorrow to see what the prompt is. 😊❤️


  2. I make long ‘to do’ list, longer than what I could ever get done. At the end of the day, I may check off 1/2 or 1/3. This weekend, I checked off 1/3. At least the list serves as a reminder of what needs to be done!


  3. Entertaining and fun to read. And easy to identify with, except for me it is cheese and crackers that are flying at me!


  4. I love it!!
    That’s where my day went yesterday too. *POOF* and it was gone. And all I had to show for it was one weekly newsletter. Not even a fun blog post like you have here! Or the wine LOL


  5. I like your spirit!


  6. You have to go with what works!


  7. We all have days like it Linda! But I can’t reach for wine to help me… it only makes me sleep!


  8. I loved this day of yours..tells me am not the only one drifting through days sometimes..s😜 Square butt …😁😁😁


  9. Well, you were quite productive which is a good thing. Wine simply makes me sleep and doesn’t work for me when I’m working ‘except when I want to write sloshy stuff 😉


  10. I have been the same way all week. SO far behind on my online studies. I knew this was going to be risky, as I’m the biggest procrastinator I know. Social media is my downfall, as well. For no other reason than it’s addictive…and that procrastinator thing I mentioned…


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