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198. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Saturday, March 17th, 10:00am
Drommen (and Patrick)


Drommen sits at the window. Patrick takes the seat beside him.

Drommen: Hi.

Patrick: How are ye?

Drommen: Not bad. What’s up with you?

Patrick: Oh, just a little under the weather.

Drommen: But … the face paint. What’s that all about?

Patrick: Why, I’m a leprechaun don’ ye know.

Drommen: Leprechauns are actually green?

Patrick: (stares) Don’ be sayin I’ve done it wrong.

Drommen: I think you’re only supposed to be wearing green.

Patrick: Oh for feck’s sake. I said it to me mam just o the mornin. Don’ be puttin the face paint on me but the aul cow…

Drommen: I’m sure it’ll wash off.

Patrick: No, I don think so.

Drommen: What makes you say that?

Patrick: Well ye see, me mam has this stuff. An she says its simple enough to make, but it’s a bugger to get off. I’ll just have to go back home and tell her.

Drommen: Tell her what?

Patrick: Why, it might no be difficult to make the stuff, but it’s no easy bein green.


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