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196. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language

Thursday, March 15th, 5:00pm
Drommen and Francine (and Hillary)


Drommen: Let’s just get you home okay? You look like you’re about to collapse. I don’t know why they let you out so soon …

Francine: I’m okay.

Drommen: (puts his arm around her) No you’re n– (looks up to see Hillary board the bus) Oh God.

Hillary: (approaches) Jake! You’re out!

Drommen: (widening his eyes and shaking his head minutely) Jessica, hi. This is my sister, Francine.

Francine: (looks up and smiles thinly) Hi. Jake’s mentioned you. Nice to meet you.

Hillary: Hi. (turns to Drommen) So, how was–

Drommen: (cutting her off) Francine’s not feeling well. Can we talk another time?

Hillary: Sssure … I just wanted to say I’m glad you got out of j–

Drommen: FUCK! off now, please.

Hillary, looking as though she’s about to cry, walks to the back of the bus.

Francine: Why were you so rude? I thought you liked her.

Drommen: I do. Just … never mind. Let’s get you home, okay?


Next stop: Friday, March 16th, 9:00pm

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