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200. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

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Note: Strong language

Monday, March 19th, 5:00pm
Drommen (and Hillary)


Drommen sits at the window. Hillary boards the bus and tries to walk past him.

Drommen: (reaching out to grab her lightly by the sleeve) Hey.

Hillary: I got nothing to say to you.

Drommen: Look, I’m sorry about the other day.

Hillary: Sure you are.

Drommen: I didn’t want my sister to know. She’s not well. Will you sit, please?

Hillary: (sits beside him, arms crossed) That wasn’t very nice you know.

Drommen: I know. I apologize.

Hillary: So what happened when you got arrested?

Drommen: I’ve got to go to court. But it’s a case of mistaken identity. I haven’t done anything wrong.

Hillary: Not what I heard.

Drommen: (sighs) Okay fine. I might have propositioned a few people but I’ve never been rude about it. I take “no” for an answer.

Hillary: Why do you do it at all then?

Drommen: (shrugs) Shits and giggles I guess.

Hillary: Can you stop?

Drommen: Not if I don’t have to.

Hillary: Then you won’t mind taking “no” for an answer with me, neither. “No” I won’t sit and talk to you no more.

Hillary changes seats.


Next stop: Tuesday, March 20th, 10:00am

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Author: Linda G. Hill

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