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One-Liner Wednesday – Difficult Concepts


My darling youngest son came home from school on Friday and told me that Monday, his class would be outside planting flowers. He said they needed to wear “old clothes” because they’d be getting dirty. When I said, okay, that’s fine, he asked me when we’d be going to the mall to buy some “old clothes.”

Yeah. Some things don’t seem to translate from sign language very well. Or maybe he just didn’t get it.

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48 thoughts on “One-Liner Wednesday – Difficult Concepts

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  5. What a cute question!…lol


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  14. That was super cute! I hope he enjoys his time in the dirt 🙂
    I damn near bought two obviously old shirts at the Goodwill last weekend, cause they just looked so comfy… But I have plenty of old clothes bought new… Really, I do.

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  18. That is a line for the ages and it sure speaks to our crazy consumer culture.


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  21. I get most of my old clothes at the thrift store. All of my clothes are old. No, wait! I bought new black socks a few months ago!


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  23. Aw, that’s funny and sweet!


  24. Unless you get hand-me-downs, it’s hard to keep kids in old clothes — they grow out of them too fast! In my family, we had a thousand cousins and little money, so we always said we didn’t have family heirlooms, we had clothes. 😀 Here’s my one-liner for the week:

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  28. I think “old clothes” might be the $100 pair of jeans with holes in the knees.

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  29. That’s funny. Although I have seen ads for jeans that are made to look like you’ve been working in dirt. I don’t get it, but…

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  33. Bless him!
    Though I have to say when we do things that require old clothes in nursery, it’s amazing how many people come in, in new ‘old clothes’!

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