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Well, I Never!


Has the cashier in a grocery store ever commented on your purchases? It happens to me once in a while. It happened today, in fact. I had two loaves of bread and a can of salmon on the conveyor. As the cashier scanned them, she said, “Salmon sandwiches.”

“Yeah,” I replied. But then I got to thinking.

What if I’d been buying, say, mouthwash: might she have asked, “Did you forget the garlic bread”?

What about beans: “Better be sleeping alone tonight!”

Toilet paper? “I love this one! So soft.”

Condoms? “Someone’s getting lucky!”

A cucumber? …okay, never mind. You get the picture. Whether you want it or not.

So yeah, it’s probably just my imagination running away with me as usual, but having the cashier comment on my food kinda weirds me out.

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

25 thoughts on “Well, I Never!

  1. That’s so funny. I like when the check out people say things about what we’re buying. It gets a fun conversation going. They’ve even jokingly asked could they come over to our house to eat supper. But then, we’re in the grocery store almost every day, and after all these years, we pretty much know them all. It’s fun, lots of jokes, hugs, and laughing going on.


  2. I cashiered for the awfulest place on earth one summer. The thing that killed me about what people bought was that all women in their 30s bought the exact same things. It was predictable. Did I comment on it? NO. Best to pretend nothing is interesting. “Did you find everything okay?” will suffice.


  3. so true..i want them to keep their comments in their brain. vw


  4. Sometimes they remark about the fact that they haven’t tried a particular food item or say they didn’t know they carried that product but I’ve never had anyone get outright nosy. At Michaels I used to ask people what they were going to make with the supplies they were getting.

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  5. I remember one time I happened to pick up peach schnapps for my mother and orange juice for my kids, and the clerk said, “Somebody’s got a fuzzy navel.” I was like, “ExCUSE me?” Then she told me about the drink, the Fuzzy Navel.

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  6. When I was a young lad, I had an older lady behind the counter comment, “sinner” as I paid for my Trojans…

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  7. When I was a cashier at Sobeys they told us to engage in food conversation about their groceries. I commented on somebodies chocolate and got a weird look. A few months later in the customer survey a lady complained, “…. and she commented on the amount of chocolate I had!”
    Now I’m seeing the cashiers do it at Foodland. It’s called ‘customer engagement’. Lol!

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  8. I guess I shouldn’t get a job as a cashier. I have a habit of saying the things that should really stay in my head. I remember buying all the miscellaneous parts to repair a toilet. The clerk at the hardware store said “Have a great weekend!” Like that was going to happen.

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  9. Well, evil woman that I am, I might respond with “our prisoner does like his salmon.” hee hee hee

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  10. I have been a cashier and Customer service assistant too, we call them check out assistants where I come from. It is definitely best to say nothing at all as itonly causes trouble. 😁💜


  11. Sometimes I try to work out a little story about the person in front of me in the queue for check-out, based on the goods on the conveyor belt… it’s a way to pass the time 😀


  12. “So you eat all organic” um did I ask you to comment on my food? Seriously. If I only got doritos and chips would they say “eatin a whole lotta shit food today”
    I suppose it is small talk. But just like I like my waiter to deliver my food and be gone I also like my Check out person to check my food out and be hush about what I am getting.
    My husband never gets the comments though. Poor guy. I send him in for only like 4 items and it’s not like he can hide them in the lettuce and gum!!!!!


  13. Some time ago, there was a cashier at a local Smith’s who always felt the need to comment on my purchases and speculate on what was going on with them.

    I made it a weekly goal to see what kind of bizarre commentary I could get out of her, such as purchasing peanut butter, Q-Tips, Vaseline, croutons and ferret food. I don’t remember what she said to that one, only that it must have been worth it since I kept doing it.

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  14. She could have mentioned the special on cucumbers Linda, just to smart your imagination.

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  15. Yeah, this is the black hole no one wants to go down! 😉


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