Life in progress


So, about those prompts …

Do you remember a couple of months back I created a poll to see when the best time to do another month’s-worth of prompts might be? And it was decided August would be a good month? Well guess what?

I have the prompts all lined up and ready to go, and I know just how I’m going to organize it, but …

I really don’t think I’m going to have the time nor the energy to pull it off. My new book comes out on the 10th, and about a week after that we’ll be looking for a new SoCS badge. And all that on top of having the child home for three out of four and a half weeks.

So, how does October sound to you instead? Good?

Did you even remember that I was going to post prompts every day in August?

If not, just ignore this post. And you might get a surprise come October 1st. 😉


Summer Blossoms


Click the photo for a close-up







I’m not sure what kind of tree this is, but I thought the blossoms were pretty.










Of course my helper for today’s paper route wanted his picture taken with one. Not sure what was distracting him, but the good news is, nothing ran me over.


One-Liner Wednesday – Bad Advertising

What’s stranger than standing in the bug spray aisle at the pharmacy and having to swat away a mosquito?


Finding inspiration

inspirationBeing someone who gets most of their inspiration from watching people and trying to imagine why they do the things they do (see photo), I’m finding it difficult to write anything new these days. What with summer vacation and the fact that I’m trying to save money for the trips I want to take, it’s hard to get out of the house, even for a little while. You might say, ‘Just take your kids out with you!’ but that doesn’t work when you’ve got an autistic teenager who’s bigger than you and has definite opinions on what he wants to do with his day, none of which involve leaving the house.

I suppose I could watch TV. *gasp* But whatever I see there has already been done, hasn’t it?

I should probably count my blessings. As long as I’m not finding inspiration to write something new it means I can work on editing my novel. The going is frustrating on that front as well. The re-write I’m currently working on (a section that I’m not pleased with) requires me to fully get into character. That’s difficult when you’ve either got someone looking over your shoulder asking, ‘What are you doing?’ or simply being interrupted every ten minutes.

Oh, shut up whining, Linda!

Needless to say I’m looking forward to my weekend trip next week. I plan to view the house in which I’m staying through the eyes of the girl my main character brings home with him. Her fascination will be my path to detail.

As for finding inspiration, who knows? On top of a fresh perspective on my major work, I may have time to find inspiration for a number of other things as well. I certainly won’t be sitting in my room the whole time I’m gone. Such freedom is a rarity for a single mom, especially during summer vacation.