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Just Jot It Jan 17 – Complaint


Let’s see, what haven’t I complained about this year yet?

We had a snow day again today–actually, it was a freezing rain day–but I’ve already complained about those. Seems like a Tuesday thing.

Alex was so upset about not going to school today, he came into my room this morning and started smacking me because of the weather. Then, fifteen minutes later, I picked up the cat to stop him from going outside and he turned around and scratched me. And to top all that off, I was sitting on the couch about fifteen minutes after that, and I sneezed on the dog whilst reaching for the tissue box, so the dog pounced on me because I made him jump.

It’s been a rough day. But not my first this year. I’m sure I must have complained about one of those already, so I can’t do that again.

What else, let’s see… I didn’t go out today. I need to get out more. …aaand I’ve already complained about that.


I haven’t run out of wine yet, so I can’t complain about that. Oh, wait! I ran out of coffee!!! …but I found some more in the cupboard that I must have bought when it was on sale.

Nope! Sorry. Can’t think of anything new. I guess I’m going to just have to be happy, damn it!


Thanks very much to our very own Willow for today’s prompt, “complaint.” You can visit Willow and read her own JusJoJan post here:

And a very special thanks once again to Shan for hosting Just Jot It January for me! Let’s all give her a round of applause!! And make sure you visit and follow her at her blog here, where you’ll find her latest JusJoJan post:

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23 thoughts on “Just Jot It Jan 17 – Complaint

  1. wow – tough call and way to go….you have a great point to learn!!


  2. God, you got off to a rough start Linda. Hope wine smoothed the day out a bit for you! ❀🍷🍷🍷🍷


  3. Happy? Happy you sound delirious!


  4. Chin up soldier! At least the dog has something to complain about.


  5. Dang, it’s hard to be happy sometimes eh!


  6. Complaint – Do not have cat to kick in frustration, Dog ever understanding and would rather do running herding maneuvers than dancing, visiting child-unit says, “Mom? Why didn’t ya wake me up to help shovel?” (my response – “It’s 3pm – the sun is out, the snow melts by then and is heavier and was just easier to do when light/dry/cold layer – πŸ™‚ ) LOL – Don’t we all have a life perspective – but seriously, get rid of the cat….LOL – – (signed, dog lover…)


  7. No school means no snow days here, but Accomplice and I got home before the weather started, so that’s a plus. Sorry about all the attacks today, but glad you got to be happy, after all, and that you have coffee.

    I loved hosting, and giving you a breather. I learned some things, and met some great folks, and stretched myself, and those are all good!

    No complaints here!

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  8. Um…more wine?
    I’m sorry this Tuesday was not as kind to you as it could have been.


  9. Ah, I miss snow days. Sounds like quite an adventure in your house. πŸ™‚


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