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#SoCS – Super Saver


Safe to say I’m a collector, but not in the way you might think. I don’t keep things in orderly gatherings–in precious little spaces of their own–I just save everything. Because you never know when you’re gonna need it. Amiright? Piece of string? Sure, I’ll find a use for that. Bubble wrap? Why not? I send stuff to people all the time! (I don’t, but that doesn’t matter – I think I do. And anyway, bubble wrap is good for all kinds of boredom when you’ve got nothing to do with your hands things.) Unfortunately there comes that time when I end up throwing all that useful stuff out. Because I hate stepping over things, so if it’s in the way and I can’t find a spot for it, then sorry–you’re outta here.

But then there’s the computer. Ah, the computer. A lovely place where I can save, and save, and save, and I don’t have to trip over anything. It’s space that doesn’t seem as though it’s filling with clutter even as it does. It’s storage that never fills up … until all of a sudden I find out I have no more room left so I have to go out and buy teeny tiny devices with more space. They’re like Mary Poppins’s carpet bag. I buy them, and buy them, until I realize I’m collecting them. But do I keep track of where I put them and what’s on each of them? Of course not! But I’ve got them, just in case … never know when I’m gonna need the stuff packed into them, amiright?

I wish I could downsize my life. I wish I didn’t have that compulsion to keep everything. I envy people who can just throw stuff out. Maybe I should gather up all the bubble wrap I have in my house that I didn’t pop when I was bored and wrap all the little things up that I thought I might need. Put them into all the boxes I’ve kept that I knew I’d one day have use for, and stash it all away until I’ve forgotten what’s in it all. Once I have enough of them stacked to the point of overflowing and I start having to step over them, I can resist the temptation to open them just toss ’em out. Now that, for my sanity, would be a great save!

I’m blaming my last sentence on the lovely Joey, who was kind enough to provide us with a prompt with bonus points this week for Stream of Consciousness Saturday! Thanks so much, Joey! Click the following link to see how you, too, can join in!Β

Author: Linda G. Hill

There's a writer in here, clawing her way out.

32 thoughts on “#SoCS – Super Saver

  1. Every time I get close to the point of really clearing stuff out, I find a use for something I’ve saved forever. I think the universe has it in for me.

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  2. So true, embarrassing, but so true.πŸ˜‚


  3. I am like you, Linda and don’t lie to chuck anything out. Mind you, so is my husband so our house is choc a bloc with stuff! πŸ™‚


  4. I am a selective hoarder – I have a tendency to save plastic/carry bags and clothes. Just an hour back I attempted to de-clutter and ended up in discarding a grand total of 10 tee-shirts and 3 bags. Go figure πŸ˜€


  5. Oh, this so me. Now my mom lives with us and along with that came her stuff. She is more of a saver than I am. I know there is a psychological reason for it, but like others have noted here, there are times where I have gotten rid of things and then I need them. That makes it hard for me to let go of things.


  6. Evernote has been a lifesaver or me. I cleaned out my Documents folder (which is kind of the junk drawer of the computer) and put everything in Evernote.Β It forced me to look at everything and decide if I wanted to save it or throw it away. It’s a worthy exercise…


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  8. I save too many things, too. I need to become one of those people who gets rid of things… Space is not unlimited in my home!


  9. I’m also a saver of all things, because you never know, right? I come by it honestly: our house was always the one neighbors came to when they needed a costume for something, because we definitely had them. As a consequence, the closets in my house are full to the brim. Fortunately, my kids are more able to let go of stuff. I keep hoping I’ll be convicted of my saving tendencies, but it’s only happened on a superficial level. And, yes, it’s sad that even computers fill up.


  10. Two rules in our house, 1 if in doubt chuck it out! 2. If it is over 2 years and hasn’t been used chuck it out! Trouble is after any clear out we find that something we threw out was desparately needed. The garage, well that is another matter the detritus of 3 sons two over 40 and one over thirty… Well it’s the garage not the house. We are all drowning keeping things safe… No one can save us !!!!πŸ’œ

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  11. I’m right there with you, Linda, being a saver myself. But since I now get to go through all my super saving parents’ stuff, I’m getting better at purging and donating.

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  12. Ah, yes, throwing things out. That doesn’t seem to happen as often as it should. I’m finally getting rid of baby clothes now that my youngest is 7. And we haven’t planned on having more kids for a few years now, but still they just sat in tote boxes and bags. And then there’s the garage. My husband is constantly cleaning it, but you can never really tell. πŸ™‚


  13. I am utterly your opposite, I purge and I donate and I sell and I toss, but even I keep bubble wrap! πŸ™‚
    Of course, sometimes I throw away perfectly good email that I will, in fact, want later. LOL
    *sprinkles bonus points*


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