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40. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Note: Strong language, adult theme

Tuesday, October 10th, 3:00pm
Madigan and Barb


Barb: I caught him.

Madigan: Caught who doing what?

Barb: Ken. He’s definitely fooling around on me.

Madigan: (stares at her) What … makes you say that?

Barb: Lipstick. On his collar.

Madigan: No way!

Barb: Yep. Blood red. Who wears a colour like that anyway?

Madigan: (frowns) Not me.

Barb: Pfft. Some floosy. She’d have to be, to fool around with a married man. A real slut. One with no self-respect. Oh God, do you think she’s got a disease?

Madigan: I hope not!

Barb: Oh Maddie, what am I going to do? You know I hate confrontations. They’re so … belittling. Would you to talk to him?

Madigan: Me?!

Barb: You’re my sister. I trust you. Will you give him shit for me? Please?

Madigan: I’d love to give him shit. But shouldn’t you be the one to talk to him? You’re his wife after all. Anyway, I might slug him one.

Barb: You’re probably right. (sighs) Sometimes I envy you. Having none of this crap to worry about. Nobody fools around on you – you don’t have anybody.

Madigan: (snorts, turns to the window and mumbles) Not anymore.


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