Life in progress


31. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Sunday, October 1st, 9:00am
Michael (and Joanna)


Michael sits by the window, reading the newspaper. Joanna sits beside him.

Joanna: Hi.

Michael: (rolls eyes but doesn’t look up) Hi.

Joanna: What’s that you’re reading?

Michael: The paper.

Joanna: What’s going on?

Michael: (sighs) Apparently some guy went into all the discos in town last night and broke the mirror balls.

Joanna: I didn’t know there were any discos in town.

Michael: Neither did I. (he turns to her) Hey, do you read the paper?

Joanna: Sometimes, why?

Michael: (smiles) I’ve been waiting for someone to come along who’d just sit and, you know, read.

Joanna: (grins) I can read.

Michael hands her a section of his paper.

Joanna commences to read out loud.

Michael closes his section of the paper and stares out the window.


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