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47. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

Tuesday, October 17th, 2:00pm
Madigan and Missy


Missy: Mommy, what’s a “seatful prick”?

Madigan: That’s DEceitful, and you don’t say the word “prick.” It’s not nice. What were you doing awake at eleven last night anyway?

Missy: I woke up when Shadow barked. Who were you talking to?

Madigan: Never you mind.

Missy: Was it Uncle Ken?

Madigan: (regards her daughter) What makes you think it was Uncle Ken?

Missy: Oh just ‘coz Auntie Barb called him that.

Madigan: And when did you hear that?

Missy: The day you went to work and I stayed at Auntie Barb’s place.

Madigan: Two weeks ago?

Missy: (shrugs) I guess.

Madigan: Did you hear anything else?

Missy: (nods) Uh-huh.

Madigan: What else did you hear?

Missy: Auntie Barb told him that he was no better than her sister. Isn’t you her sister, Mommy?

Madigan: Yes. (gazes out the window)

Missy: Are you “seatful,” Mommy?

Madigan: Not as much as Auntie Barb is.


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