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147. Scenes from the Second Seat on the Right

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Thursday, January 25th, 5:00pm
Phil (and Zoey)


Phil sits at the window. Zoey takes the seat beside him.

Phil: Cold out.

Zoey: It’s warm in the bus.

Phil: I don’t like the bus.

Zoey: Why are you on it?

Phil: I’m waiting for my new car to be ready. My old one died.

Zoey: Yeah? What’d it die of?

Phil: Old age.

Zoey: Huh.

Phil: Do you work downtown?

Zoey: Nah. I go to school.

Phil: Oh really? What are you taking?

Zoey: Sociology.

Phil: Really.

Zoey: Yeah. I’m doing a thesis on how people talk to each other when they’re on public transportation.

Phil: Oh. Well I’m probably the last person you want to talk to then.

Zoey: Why’s that?

Phil: Because I don’t like to talk to people on the bus. I wish I wasn’t even on the bus.

Zoey takes notes.


Next stop: Friday, January 26th, 4:00pm

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